Write a sentence to continue the story.



Write a sentence or two to continue the story. There’s no minimum amount of words nor limit, just be reasonable. I’ll start:

I drummed my fingertips on my desk, my nerves jumping all over the place. They should be here by now, I thought to myself as I eyed the window with anticipation.


“Jamie, pay attention!” My teacher boomed shaking me fro my thoughts.


“Sorry, Ms. Kim,” I stuttered, but I couldn’t focus and the letters she wrote on the whiteboard seemed to blur together.


“One more time and it’ll be a dention,” she warns looking over the brim of her glasses


I can’t go back to detention. Not again.


“Would Jamie Kim please come to the office,” a voice says over the intercom.


I freeze, and all the colour drains from my face.


why did they come through the office? i thought


But Ms. Kim stared at me sternly, so I quietly edged out of my seat and ran into the hallway.


the office seems to get farther away from you as you walk towards it


I don’t think it’s just me; this section of the school is avoided at all costs.


A sound came from one of the lockers next to me.


I whirled around, my panic spiking.


“Hello,” I called


A muffled reply came from the locker to my right—another thing everyone avoids: locker number 2168.


“Yeah i’m here, could you open the locker please?”


But luckily my best friend Andrew comes to the rescue


“Dude where have you been they need you up front for a task” He said leading me away from the locker.


I looked back over my shoulder at the locker as Andrew walked me towards the office. Was it just my imagination or did I hear something back there?


As l turn around it is not anything that l expected it is him my ex…