Write a story with a challenge!



Write a sentence to continue the story, but you must incorporate a word supplied to you by the previous commenter. For example:

Person 1:

The porcupine glared at Miriam with the intensity of a thousand suns.
Word: toffee

Person 2:

Miriam glared back as she wiped the sticky toffee off of the porcupine’s belly.
Word: gloat

…and so on and so on, creating a story! I’ll go first:

Penny wailed, clutching the carcass in her tiny hands.
Word: melody


The young bird had created such a beautiful melody, but now it was nothing more than small, unmoving body.
Word: satisfy (you are allowed to change the suffix accordingly)


It seemed nothing could satisfy the bloodthirsty appetite of the jaguar poised elegantly above the still bird.
Word: snap


As the jaguar’s teeth sunk into the bird’s feathers, its jaws snapped the animals ribcage.


(Forgot the word)


Whoops! Sorry! Here I go again:

As the jaguar’s teeth sunk into the bird’s feathers, its jaws snapped the animal’s ribcage.



Penny screamed, breaking out into a cold sweat and turning to run away.

Word: lost


The ground was a bright coat of autumn leaves beneath her feet, its rich smell invading Penny’s nostrils as she lost balance and fell down.

Word: bite


The jaguar’s bite was forgotten as the bird lay there, the woman fleeing, abandoning her pet as she ran.

Word: smell


The smell of the bird`s decaying body on the wind as penny got to her feet

Word: Stomp


Penny strutted away for the decaying smell, her hair flowing glamorously and a sense of sass in her stomp.

Word: juggle


Penny juggles through her emotions, every emotion clouding her brain.

Word: stop