Write down the title of your book using only emojis XD

Write the title of your book using emoji and guess the title of the others!
I start!
:fire::hatched_chick::fire: = :funeral_urn::funeral_urn:
hint: (5, 2, 3, 7)

Don’t know where to find emoji? Try here https://www.emojicopy.com

My guess: bird burned?? I’m so bad at this


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AHAHAH At least you got something right.
Yours may be “From the Earth to Space (and return)” XD

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… uhhh, fire… bird… Pheonix?
Cremation? Egypt?

Pheonix Ashes

Minds a but hard because I can’t find the right emoji for the first word.


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OMG! You almost got it!! I gave hint for the number of words, can you give number of words for yours? It’s quit difficult this way, but le’ts try…
Red fever? AHAHAH

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*facepalms * it’s in your user isn’t it, lol

There are two words. The first one doesn’t really match up… But the only other emoji that might have fit was :broken_heart: and it’s not romance book

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I literally have no fucking idea how to do the title of mine, especially since it’s so damn long.
:wolf::cyclone::broken_heart: are the closest things relevant to it but they give you fucking nothing about the title. I honestly have idea how to do my title in emojis.

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AHAHAHH I forgot my username was the title of my book! LOL I’m dumb! :joy:

About your title… broken? Mismatched? Did I got the word “red” at least? LOL

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XD yes! Red is the end… the closest youve gotten to the first word is “broken”

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AHAHAHAH! I’ll try anyway
The Club of Heartbroken warewolves?
AHAHAH Sorry I just try with some clues

Let’s see
Smashed red?
Deep red?
Wicked red? :rofl:

Oh fuck, I didn’t even use your username, I just assumed Fire+Bird=Phoenix, fuck yeah I was closest!!!
Um…K let me try a little better here…:no_entry_sign::bust_in_silhouette::cry::point_right::skull_and_crossbones: ??I guess?

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AHAHA you did it great!
mhhh can you tell me how many words is it?
I assume something like
The forbidden [something] of death? :rofl:

Six words.
I won’t give you the words but I’ll give you similar ones that mean the same thing:
The first emoji: None
2: Person
3: Tears
4/5: Von Der (Consult Translate)
6: Gone

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Not anyone cries from nowhere
That could be an interesting title xp

So close

Not is colder
Anyone is half correct
Cries is correct
From is colder
and nowhere is also half correct, then space it and add a word.

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I must say your title is really challenging but I won’t give up
No One Cries For Nobody??

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One word

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One word what? :scream_cat: AHAHAH!

Panic? Scream? Terror?