Write drunk, Edit sober

Anyone ever follow this motto? :sweat_smile:

It didn’t really work out so well for him in the end…

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More like the opposite. My editor and I laughed too much that night. Definitely cant edit drunk again. lol

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Hahaha I bet it must’ve been a fun time though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I couldn’t stop laughing at his serious questions. “What tense is this? Where are we, the future or past?”…I guess two drinks down was enough for me to laugh my butt off. lol

I get tipsy, not drunk! so I can still see my computer screen clearly— and it works for me :rofl:

and… I’m 14

Sometimes I overdo it and the words are definitely a blur. Next day I read what I wrote and I’m surprisingly impressed with what I came up with :sweat_smile:

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What are you doing in the pub then!? :thinking:
haha jk jk :slight_smile:

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I seeped through the doors

now I’m here

What about do both drunk…procrastinate when sober?

okay I won’t tell :shushing_face:

I definitely procrastinate when sober, but I can’t edit drunk :laughing:

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Oh, I don’t drink often (maybe a sip of wine every weekend) but I would definitely act that way. It’s what my best friend does and his works are glorious.
I can’t even edit when sober :joy:

I believe it! My creativity sparks to unbelievable levels when I’m intoxicated lmao
You should try it :smirk:

It works like this:

Writing Drunk:

His face smile. She liked it. ftytyftfytf zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Umm…I didn’t get much done to edit. That was a waste .

Hahaha it’s the opposite for me. When I go back and read sober I’m like “wow, I came up with these brilliant lines??”

of course typos are all over the place but the concept is always useful :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, not for me. A little may relax but once I pass that sweet spot if feel really drowsy and have focus difficulties.

That’s not to say I’m not capable of drunk posting somewhere about some topic I’m passionate about. (Ie, anger against a politician). I can retain consciousness when I’m fired up. Unfortunately, the thinking while creating exhausts my limited drunk brain cells.