Write the prompt above you!

Ello! I thought to start a new game as I like the premise and don’t think I’ve seen it around on wattpad before! Basically the person above you gives a prompt and you write a short paragraph or so on it, using whatever characters you want. Prompts can be interpreted creatively but make sure it relates somewhat!

Edit: I think this is allowed because the forum rules say anything that helps one’s writing is counted! Even though the overwhelmingly large amount so far from what I’ve seen are centred more around character development than writing :stuck_out_tongue:

My prompt:

Finding a key buried in the sand.

I love this idea! I’m not sure I’d be any good, but I’ll give it a try!

Chris always found herself walking on the beach close to her aunts. Simply staring out into the ocean, Chris twisted her foot till it was covered in sand. She started to do the other foot, when suddenly something pointy caused her to jump. Bending down Chris brushed away the sand to find a key. It was the key her aunt had lost! laughing at her own luck, Chris took off to her aunts to tell her of the key she found buried in the sand.

Prompt: Strange woman at a library


Malu headed to the library, to study for her mid-term and since it was late, not a single heartbeat was heard inside–only her loud foosteps approaching one of the tall bookshelves. As she goes closer to the shelves, the sounds of footsteps doubled. She paused for a bit before grabbing the book in front of her and when she did, the space of the shelf showed a very peculiar woman staring straight at her. Malu gasped, “Shite…” She said as her trembling hands put the book back to the shelf quickly. The eerie foosteps were heard again, causing goosebumps on her skin and every time the wooden floor creaked from the knocking of the steps, her breathing gets faster until she hears the footsteps getting louder and louder every heartbeat. Then one time, the steps became quiet. She looked at the corner of her and saw the woman smiling, “Hello, my dear, here for your reviews” The woman giggled and Malu let out a deep breath, “Ah–Y-Yes…” She said in relief.

Getting a delivery written in your address without you remembering ordering it.


I LOVE this idea of continuing with different prompts!

There was a knock at Anna’s door, which caused her be quite cautious. She lived in the middle of nowhere so having someone knock on your door at eight o’clock at night was suspicious. As she opened the door, she was greeted by a man with dark hair and dark brown eyes. He was dressed in an UPS uniform and was holding a brown cardboard box.
“Miss Thomas?” he said as he held out the package to her.
“Yes,” she responded as she took the package from him. It was a smaller box and quite light. There seemed to be either nothing in this box or something very small. “I did not order a package.”
“Well apparently you did, why don’t you open it?” he suggested, with a peculiar look on his face. He kept his head down and stayed in the shadows on the porch, so it was hard for Anna to get a good look at him.
Anna was reluctant at first, but opened the package which had a velvet jewelry bag in it. Out of curiosity, she opened it and pulled out a wedding ring. She put her hand over her mouth and gasped. This wedding ring was her ex-husband’s whom she had left because he had a psychotic break.
“Good evening Anna,” the man spoke up as she stepped into the light to reveal himself. It was her ex-husband. “It took years, but I’ve finally found you.”

A mysterious person sitting in the corner of a coffee shop.


When I walked in the door I found it odd that Mia May wasn’t already there, seeings how I was already ten minutes late. But I shrugged it off, got a coffee and sat down at a table. When I scanned the area again, there was a mysterious person sitting in the corner of the coffee shop. His eyes locked onto mine and I could clearly see the evil shooting from his eyes. I immediately dropped my eyes to my phone relieved that I had a purpose to call someone. I was so upset when she didn’t answer because now I was worried and even worse I was frozen scared to that seat. I knew if I walk out that door I would become a missing person. It was at that moment I realized even though it had only been 20 minutes, every nerve in my body told me Mia May is missing.

She loved the way he controlled the dance.


She watched from the crowd as he moved with flawlessness. He controlled how the others moved around him, the group speaking a language that no one else seemed to share. Their screams filled the night air but hidden beneath the bonfire party happening just down the trail. A warm smile filled her old wrinkly face as she watched him with adoration, making sure that no one else tried to take control of the smooth swing swords in her son’s hand.

This dance was special and made her son a man.

Prompt: A person faces their biggest fear


I gulped. Rubbing my sweaty palms on my jeans, I stared pointedly at the sky, struggling to control my breathing. Why I thought this would be a good idea now escaped me. I loved to see the world and all the amazing sights it held, but not this. I had promised myself that I would never visit this place. But I had made a drunken promise to my ex-boyfriend that I would do it. And spite is a powerful thing. I could feel the telltale weakness in my knees and shallow breaths creeping up on me, a reminder of where I was. The grand canyon is supposed to be beautiful. It’s supposed to be a tourist spot that everybody longs to visit and loves it once they have. But not me. No, no, this place, this supposedly-beautiful 9.5 mile drop to your inevitable death was anything but beautiful to me.


I love reading all of these! You all write so well and it’s interesting to read how every single person responds to the prompt!

Ah, you forgot your prompt :confused: (dw, I’ve done it lots of times before in other forum games xD) so I’ll just start it up again:

Finding a portal to an alternate universe.


Lucy’s imagination always ran wild, it was something nobody could understand. And of course no one ever believed her that night, not even when she went missing. I could never understand the note she left, it babbled on about how she was leaving to a place where she belonged. Something about a portal, but everyone said she was just a runaway. I laid once again in my bed thinking of Lucy. When suddenly a green light lit up my dark room, finally my eyes got used to the blinding light. I looked up to see Lucy with her hand out, beckoning me. And behind her stood a portal to an alternating universe.

Ack that one wasn’t great :joy:

Prompt: Finding your soulmate in the wrong place


I thought it was great! I love how it’s from the point of view of a character who wasn’t the main one finding it, adds a new layer of depth!

Salty seas, flickering sea breeze, the sun an ever scorching eternity upon them. The dingy raft, the thermometres and sensors he’d convinced the local marina to loan him under the guise of marine research so he’d have an excuse to travel far out west, where the waves don’t dare to break and the area remained unmapped.
Taking a deep breath, he submerged his face beneath the waves and saw once again, the familiar ethereal face of beauty and grace staring back at him. Wispy blonde hair trailing in the cool blue waves like a kite in the wind, crystal clear silver eyes staring hauntingly back at him, and the look of yearning and relief when he entered.
He smiled and tried to say something. He could last longer with a snorkel, but she preferred him without any equipment obscuring his face, he knew that. All the memories and eternities came back to him, holding hands, staring into the sunset, communicating with a series of gurgles and moans and somehow feeling like he understood her better than he had any other women, and she perhaps him. And the sweet yearning of wanting to meet again.
She was able to decipher what she was able to, and murmured something else in response, a shared kiss, a secret smile.
Then, he had to resurface for air again.
And get back before the marina fined him for keeping property after hours.
Two weeks later and his marine biology expedition trip was over.
He looked sorrowfully at the waves. She needed water to breathe (mermaids as he found, could not breathe air at all) and he needed oxygen to survive. Their very existence was the polar opposite of each other, but yet…he had found his soulmate…in very much the wrong place.

Prompt: Picking grapes in a vineyard


People say that old love is well old. But I still love to tell my grandkids how me and their grandma met. I remember it like it was yesterday.
I was 18 and on a school trip. The sun was hot and worst of all, we had to be out in it. Why must we have to go and pick grapes almost all day.
It was probable an hour into the whole thing. I was laughing and making jokes with my friends, when I bumped into someone.
Apologizing, I help the person pick up the grapes that had gone everywhere. When I look up I saw the most beautiful eyes staring back at me.
Well I must have said something out loud, because she looked away blushing.
My stunning wife would always cut in, saying I followed her around like a lost puppy. Till she finally gave my her number.
The best part about the story, is that we sat in the very same one that it was made in. But in the end it all started with picking grapes in a vineyard.

Prompt: A gardener overhearing a conversation.

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I cupped my hands around the tuft of soft brown soil bordering the roots of a beautiful hibiscus plant as I finished moving it to the plot I dug, bending down low as I placed it in the nice little home I made and heaving the rich clumps of earth back in. The quiet rose bushes and shrubs of number 12 Rosemary Drive stared back at me as I worked on this mundane Wednesday morning morning. Starting a new job was always exciting because I got to see what the garden and neighbourhood looked like before I did my work, and from my senses on Monday two days ago, this neighbourhood seemed quaint and exquisite, if not a little boring.
“Morning Todd! Getting the morning paper run eh?” came a loud male voice, probably the neighbours. I ducked a little lower as I did my work, hoping not to disturb. I generally preferred to keep out of people’s way as I was told my old gardener clothes that I wore as I didn’t mind them getting dirty made me look a bit little rough and displeasing to the eye sometimes. Why should people have to put up with an ugly site while I worked? I always tried to keep as low of a profile as possible though I was still sure people saw sometimes.
“Keeps me young!” replied another male voice with a chuckle, “say, did you hear about the Jamsie’s?”
I ducked my head further as I continued working, I didn’t usually like overhearing conversations but what else could I do.
“The one on number 13 Rosemary street across the road? Yeah they hired someone to do some work on Monday, and they never showed up! They’ve been raving mad about it all week!” came the voice that was Todd.
“No way? I heard the gardening industry was losing it’s touch as people moved more and more towards modern technologies and all. Why hire a gardener for $50 when you can purchase a Swiss Army Style Multi-Purpose Garden Machine for $20. If you think you can take a crack at it and do all that a gardener does for less than half the price, why not eh?”
“Yes, the world is always revolutionising into new things eh? Some of the subcultures are a little strange. I heard about squatters - people who live in other people’s houses when they’re on holiday, and make it a work of art to leave everything untouched and like they were never there in the first place. Didn’t have that when I was young. I haven’t got a squatter yet! But I have a tramp that pops up and does my gardening for free sometimes! Brilliant person, so focused on what they do, but I’m not sure why…”
And with that I dropped my shovel with a clatter, the blood rapidly draining from my face.

Prompt: First Halloween

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Oh, Halloween. That time that they, um sorry, Madeleine has been waiting. Her first child laughing gleefully with her while her husband, Leonardo, happy yet worried. They hugged, kissed, spin around like it’s the best moment of their lives, and it is. Madeleine spend months to make her child a costume just for this day, and she will did that every year. For her and her family.

“Carla! Come here! Mommy made you a costume! Do you like it?” She showed her child her hand-made costume. It’s scary for those with young hearts but still cute, in her eyes anyway. The costume set is packed with fake blood-decorated pumpkin head, a torn orange and purple suit and a skirt, torn spider stockings, and a small red shoes.

“Come on, let’s get dressing.”

“It’s so cute!” Said Leonardo.

“Do you think this will win the contest?”

“Of course. Just look at her!”

“Mommy, Daddy! Let’s go!” Carla tucked her father’s suit.

And they went out of the house. Each step gives happiness for the family. All eyes on them as they walked through the neighborhood.

Prompt: celebrating new year’s eve alone


in a house located far away in the hills, there lived a family of three
“honey, we are leaving are you sure you would be okay?”
“yes” abbie replied for the umpteenth time that day
she sent her parents off with a huge smile on her face .
thats all that she remembers of that day .that was the last time she felt the warmth of their hug she never thought that would be the last new year she would see them. no friends no relatives, she spent the new years alone. the day regretting her smile when she sent them off , cursing the killer lurking in the darkness , cursing her fate. she broke out into a bitter laughter she could taste the saltiness of the tears that rolled down her face .
she took her pills a little more than usual .fed her cat and tucked herself in warm blankets the next day there was a ring of the door bell , a knock in the door but all they found out was the lifeless body of a 16 year old
prompt : serial killer on the run


My anger has traveled to new heights. But there’s also this excitement that blends together with the anger and even though I know the police are on to me, it’s exilerating and I know I’ll never stop. I didn’t plan the first two and here I am stalking my third victim.

As I’m settle in brush, I know my house is under survallience and there’s no going back. I’m a serial killer on the run. I will take in all the feeling of power, anger and excitement as many victims as I can, breathing it in until I get caught.

Oh look at that beautiful life…

Prompt: It was the worst story I had ever seen on the news.


Something’s off. People don’t whisper about me when I walk down the street, but they are today. Is it what I’m wearing? Am I making weird expressions? Well…of course I am. People are whispering about me!

“What’s going on?” I ask James once I get to the cafe. “Why do people keep looking and whispering about me?”

“Have you looked at the news at all?”


He pulls out his phone and shows me the screen. The headline reads “Young Woman Attempts to Genetically Engineer Herself to Develop Wings and Fly Around the World.” My picture is directly beneath it.

What!” I look at James. He shrugs. “This is the worst story I’ve ever seen on the news!”

James puts his phone away and picks up his mug of coffee. “But are you going to do this?”

I slap his mug out of his hand and get up. The only thing I hear is his laughter as I march out of the cafe. The nerve of some people…

Prompt: The only thing more important than sleep was talking to him.


The day was long, the sweat still as sticky and pungent as it had been once I finished the work. Wiping my hand against my forehead I look out to the dark sea, watching the orange waves as they crashed against the ruined boats that had yet to be cleaned. My heart hammered as I looked towards the radiating sun, knowing that another day had ended but the night was just beginning.

I wished things were as they once could have been. When there wasn’t fear that curled around me like a rattlesnake fangs sinking into its prey. Still, I knew now would be the only chance I had to sleep and it was always important to get as much as I could. Before, when things were normal, the sea blue, the waves clear and blessing, the air sweet there had been one thing that had been more important than sleep.

It had been talking to him. Too bad I killed him for I enjoyed those long nights whispering under the bright stars. I missed that laughter that he brought. Lingering on memories could do nothing for me at that moment.

Prompt: They say to love is to live but some people disagree. Which side is your character on?


I opened my eyes and looked at the shrink sitting patiently in front of me, his ‘take your time’ face on and his right leg crossed over his left.

“It’s a simple question, Elliot.” He nodded encouragingly. “How is your life going?”

He was right, it was a simple question. He was asking how my life had panned out after the accident. The life that fed onto me like a termite just to remind me that I was alive and she wasn’t.

“It’s going good.” This was all I had to answer but the expectant look on his face told me otherwise. So I elaborated. “I’ve got a potential job offer and a new apartment. The pay is good. I think I’ll survive.”

I saw the hint of a smile along the corners of his lips as he leaned forward onto his desk. “And how are you doing?”

This was the part that made every resemblance of an emotion escape my body. It was this moment that made me question my existence or enhanced the fact that I couldn’t breathe this morning in the shower because her screams got too loud inside my head.

“I’m,” I paused, still figuring out my words. “I’m not sure I know the answer to that.”

Once again the expectant look and him nodding for me to continue.

With a tired sigh on my lips, I picked up my bag from the floor and stood up. He just didn’t understand the fact that breathing was the last thing on my mind currently. The guilt that crawled up my throat after every wasted night didn’t taste like roses and diamonds. It tasted like cars colliding, blood and silence.

“I don’t think I want to survive at this point.”

Prompt: To love is to surrender. But what does your character surrender for love?


Elias gave out a heavy sigh. Just looking up the stars remind him of her deep blue eyes. “It’s the only way.” he whispered to himself.

As he walked slowly, series of memories came jumping on his head. Their memories. His hands were trembling as he reached the door knob.

Just as he expected, Celestina greeted him with a wide smile. Oh, how he missed those dimples that shows whenever she smiles. Her scent filled him, she smelled like the morning breeze and a freshly picked flower. “You look good.” Elias complimented. Celestina twirled into her white wedding gown. “I know.” she said, mockingly. “Now go! You shouldn’t be here!” she pushed him outside.

“Here.” he handed her a necklace. Her deep blue eyes met his. “Thank you.” she uttered.

For one last time, Elias watched in front of the church while watching her walk slowly with flowers on her hand. She gave out a wide smile, taking Elias’ best friend’s hand. She mouthed thank you one last time to Elias before proceeding with her soon-to-be-husband in front of the priest. Elias smiled bitterly.

He sacrificed his own love for her happiness.

Prompt: Soldier who is mentally challenged


He was sitting in the chair, sipping coffee when the gunfire started. It sounded nice and loud, ricocheting of the walls in the way a small shotgun would of the stone walls of his premise. Snipers. There were there and infiltrating the perimeters of his home, assassination on him.No doubt he had made enemies during the war. He grabbed his shotgun, which he kept just underneath his chair, and crept to the windows, where peered an eye out between velvety curtains, assessing the distance. He couldn’t die today, not yet. He survived all 5 years, 3 on the front lines, this wasn’t going to be the day he met his miserable end.

The lawn stared back blank and empty at him, the colour drained from his face. Had they gotten inside? No, they couldn’t have - unless. He turned around, palms turning to sweat and a feeling of adrenaline running through him as he spied the tabletops near the back door of his house, trying to look for a hidden form or shadow. They were there, he could feel it. There were three enemy intruders at his house. They were there every day. They wanted him dead.

Just then the bangs grew louder, like a million bullets ricocheting of walls, he almost felt their vibrations and pressure, his limbs jerking lose as if the ground beneath him was shaking it’s fearsome dance when open fire occurred. The shotgun jerked loosely in his hands. Creamy yellow walls, lace curtains, empty space between the backdoor and the laundry room which he hadn’t checked yet. There were people there, the sounds were evidence, and they were hiding, waiting for him to go to sleep or lose his guard, and then they could come out, with a sickening smile and grin. ‘Oh I see. Let down your guard now have you…’

He raised his gun when suddenly-
“Mr Livingstone!”
The voice was loud and irritating and grating to his ears, his heart spiked and he did a momentarily leap,the brown shotgun in his hands leaping out like a fish out of water and falling with a water pathetic thud on the carpet - his one and only weapon. The voice outside was matched by a mop of curly blonde hair, wide blue eyes, and the plump form of a … local busybody down the street who came to check up on everyday, Mrs…Hunter or something? He frowned at her unwelcome intrusion at his backdoor. Before going to fully open it, having seen her outside the glass.
And perhaps the moment of silence outside was most telling of all, her big eyes staring at him, making remarkedly undistinguished contact before she said, “Mr Livingstone. Are you…” she licked her lips, a bead of apprehension evident on her brow, “Okay?”
“Y-yeah…” I said. Though sometimes there was a lingering question of doubt there that I knew now how to answer.

Prompt: Going for a swim with a loved one