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It’s nice to meet you, Elle :grinning:
Welcome to Writer Moms :heart:

Is it you or the kid who’s going on 30? XD lol




Lol my kiddo. He’s crazy smart and lives like a man of esteem and wisdom XD might be closer to going on 75.


hello! i became a mom in may of 2018 in the middle of my master’s degree, so i can feel you to a certain degree when it comes to balancing education, work and children! :joy:

i’m 25, from the uk, write and read YA, horror, fantasy and poetry, and in my spare time i play lots of videogames and laugh a lot at the silly things my baby does!

nice to meet you all :wave:t2:


Hey there :slight_smile: Nice to have you with us =]


A mom of a 2-year-old toddler here and the struggle is real! I also married young, pretty much right out of high school, to my high school sweetheart. He’s in the military and we’re currently stationed in the U.K.! I just started writing a New Adult Romance story on my page and the struggle is REAL trying to find an appropriate time to sit down and write :joy:

ALSO, toddlers are SO FREAKING HARD! I wish there was a step-by-step manual on this sh*** :sob::joy:

Hope to reach out and meet fellow moms!

-Savanna :blush::blush:


i’m terrified of the toddler stage! :scream: my 8 month old has just started pulling himself off the floor onto furniture to cruise around and i know i’ll blink and he’ll be walking :weary:

also, hello fellow u.k-dweller! :wave:t2:


It’s so true, they hit developmental stages SO FAST it’s crazy!!! 8 months is a fun age, and it looks like your little one will be walking at a really early age :heart_eyes: HOW FUN!


Also, you’re from the U.K.?! We’ll be stationed here for the next 3 years! We’ve been here for a year and so far love having the opportunity to travel!!! ROME IS OUR FAVORITE PLACE SO FAR :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


8 months is SO fun - you get through 6 months of hard work and then you’re left with this little human that’s growing its own personality and everything! :heart_eyes:

yes, i’m from the uk! midlands. whereabouts are you, north, south, middle? i haven’t been to italy but i REALLY want to!


We’re in the south region! 2 hours from London :blush: ahhh, we are dying to see more of Italy :heart_eyes: also, I probably just blew up your Wattpad… I found your profile and read ‘Eleven Months’… incredible! Sorry in advance for the notifications :joy: I loved it!


ahhh, thank you so much, that’s so kind of you to say!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

what do you think of london? :blush: do you get to head to the city much, where you are, or do you avoid at all costs? :joy:


I love London :heart_eyes: we’ve gone there about 4 times since we’ve been here! I am a huge musical theatre geek… so being able to see the shows on West End has been incredible!!! Have you traveled to Edinburgh, by chance?! We’ve heard amazing things about it and are dying to go!


yes! my partner’s nan lives in edinburgh so he’s been a ton. i’ve only been once but it’s stunning! i went with a group of writers and we did edinburgh and then stopped in yorkshire to check out haworth, where the brontë sisters grew up.

haworth was GORGEOUS, highly recommend, even if you aren’t a classics fan (i’m not really lol). they had an old fashioned apothecary there when i went. i was in love. got fresh bread and a glass bottle of milk from a bakery and sat on a cobbled street in the sun, it was heaven!


Mom of two


That sounds incredible :heart_eyes: We can’t wait to go!!!


Hey!!! How old are your two? :blush:


5 and 2


What’s it like having a 5 year old?! My two year old is precious, but quite the demanding one… And impatient :joy:


Nice to meet you xx