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Hi! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Toddlers are insane arent they? My two are something else :joy:


Yes and I think its getting worse each generation


I’m sure your toddler will calm down eventually, they go through so many phases. My 3 year old is thick in the “threenager” phase.


O fun I feel like my 5yr is trying to be a teenager


Hey all, my kids are 16 and 10 with one on the way. I feel so nervous because its been so long since my children were babies. I was just getting my freedom now its soon going to be sleepless nights and no time to write.
_screaming “what have i done”_ Lol


It’ll be okay. You can learn to work around them


I’m sure I will (goes in the corner and cries for my freedom) lol. I’m joking, I am really excited for the new changes and it’s making me more proactive. I’m trying to finish my book before he/she is born.


I reckon it’ll all come back to you as soo as you hold that sweet little baby in your arms. Mothers are amazing people. Strong, resilient and adaptive :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Hi fellow moms!!! It’s 12am, I’m breastfeeding.my two year old and writing from my phone as we speak… oh the glamorous life…


I am sure you have plenty of time


Thanks, I’m sure I will be okay plus I’ve got my 16-year-old and my partner to help. My 10-year-old is a bit of a worry because he needs a lot more support with his autism. But he is excited to meet the new addition. I took them to the first scan last week. (Sorry if im oversharing) I haven’t been sleeping well lately.


Gosh, that will be me soon enough.


No thats ok! Pregnancy is such a wonderful time. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is worry free and wonderful :heart:


Thanks, thats so kind. (Wipes a tear, damn these hormones)


I never even knew there was a little community message board hidden inside Wattpad. Just found it 5 minutes ago so excuse me if I do anything wrong in here. lol. Anyway, I am so happy to see a group of moms on here! I’m 25. Momma to 3. My oldest is 6, then 4, then 6 months. I got married really young, 16 actually. I do want to write that out at some point but every time I have tried I don’t end up liking it at all and toss it. I’m a stay at home mom, but homeschool my 2 older kids. I’ve been reading on Wattpad for a few years but just started writing my first story a few weeks ago. It hasn’t gotten much attention, but more than doing it for recognition I do it for my “me time.” but some times I get 2 chapters done in a week and sometimes it takes me 3 weeks to finish one, which I’m sure you all know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, just really glad to have discovered some more moms to connect with on here because no one I know IRL knows I’m attempting to write a book, not even my husband…


I feel like my creativity has died lately. I’ve been thinking of trying based on real life teen fiction. I have a few old friends that I would like to write about, but I don’t know.


Hey would that be under Teen Fiction?


You should try it out! I love reading teen fiction (and nonfiction). It’s kind of my guilty pleasure. I’m not sure why I’ve struggled to write a book about my literal life, like how exactly can that be wrong? haha But I just feel like it’s either not eventful enough or I add things that aren’t exactly how it happened to stretch the length a bit then hate it. I’ve started it like 3 times and never followed through with it at all. I’m hoping maybe if I get all my creative writing out with my first book (or 2) I will be more open to a “boring” book. I don’t even know.


I don’t do non fiction especially on my own life. Mainly because it’s depressing and sends me to dark places. I will write things based on real life, which gives me a little wiggle room I feel.


I need to come up with some titles hmm…