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Hi!!! It’s so nice to meet you!!! Toddler ARE insane! Lol, so fun, but INSANE :joy: How old are your two?


yeah the one I’m working on right now is purely pulled out of the depths of my mind lol it doesn’t have anything at all to do with me. I totally get what you’re saying though. I feel as a mom, depression seems to be a lot simpler to slip into without even realizing it sometimes, so I’m glad you know that it triggers you. I feel that but kind of in the opposite sense. I think that’s why I always toss it when I try to write about getting married at 16. Like I can summarize it just fine in a few words, but writing all the details surrounding it kind of brings me back to facing some demons I always think I’m more ready to face than I actually end up being.


So true.


I am following you on my actual writing account. Im gonna message you there.


Agree so much! They can have me pulling my hair out then laughingy butt off a fewinutes later. Ah parent life. Mine are currently 3 and a half and 1 and a half :joy: life is never quiet or dull.


morning, mamas! :wave:t3:

running on redbull and sugary weetabix this morning because my son decided he wanted to wake up twice in the night, which is suuuper unusual :sleeping:


My kids sometimes decide they don’t wanna sleep at night


Welcome. I only published the start of my story in January. I didn’t tell my husband I was writing either for a while. He knows now and is being supportive, and I even read part of it out loud to him. I haven’t let my husband or son know about the romantic part of the fan fiction I’m writing because it is super embarrassing. They won’t be surprised though. My son is already on to me.

Anyhow, as a much older mom who wrote and journaled a lot in my early 20’s and then stopped when life got tough because it was too hard to write about real life anymore, I’m finding now that those tough experiences are coming out in my writing and are not so painful anymore. Maybe things are too raw right now to write about real life. I’ll check out your story and give it attention!


Ughhhh…why is coming up with titles so hard for me?

My brain dumps idea after idea on me, but I can’t think of good titles at all.


It’s always hard.


OMG that is so cute XD


*High five*
I’m so glad someone knows how it feels to get a high degree of education with kids :sob:
Hood for you :+1::grinning:

I love horror stories and video games. Especially horror/survivals and RPGs :heart:

Nice to meet you too, kate :3




Hi. Nice to meet you, Savanna :grinning:

Wow. You married so young. Aww and it’s your highschool sweet heart :heart:



OMG. Congratulations on the pregnancy :grinning:

Lol. It’s OK. It’s gonna be hard, but remember the joys of seeing them grow up :heart:


Lol. Good for you :+1::grinning:


Lol :joy::joy::heart:


I’m so happy that I created this thread and found you all amazing writer moms :heart::cry:

Wow. So young. Your kids ages are perfect so they would grow up together and be friends :two_hearts:

Yup. I know what you’re talking about. It’s hard staying on a writing schedule when you are a mom.

OMG. You’re just like me. Nobody in real life knows that I started writing a year ago.

Nice to meet you and welcome to our little thread :grinning:


It sure is hard :hushed:
But once I title a story, i stick to it. Thank goodness. So far, I have never changed a title.


Hi Silver :grinning:

I can’t remember if it was you who talked to me about writing/reading romance stories, or not?
If it’s you, then I’m happy to tell you that i have written a romance oneshot for a contest and I won! Yay. It was fun.

Edit: Nvm. It wasn’t you. It was @oliviarose85 :two_hearts: