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Ahahaha sorry I had to do some chores. Take of my husband. He can’t walk we don’t know why.


me too! just about to start the resident evil 2 remake! :zombie:


Good evening writer moms! It’s been a pleasure reading all your experiences on this thread. Would a surrogate mum fit in here?:raising_hand_woman:t2::sweat_smile:




Merci beaucoup!
Thank you for welcoming me.:relaxed:

Random question coming up :running_woman:t2:
Have you all happened to listen to the lo-fi genre of music?


I don’t think so. I listened to all sorts of music. Even baby music.


Perhaps I might have worded it wrong by saying it to be a “genre” of music.:sweat_smile:
Lo-fi music refers to the tunes/songs recorded by offbeat and more of less mainstream artists and has an audible level of imperfections that are featured during recording but are generally eliminated in the final production of songs.

babbles in complete gibberish

In simpler words, it is a raw form of music. The sound quality is lower than what we usually listen to however in the little time that I have spent exploring this kind of music, I have come across some extremely different songs which I had never heard of before and which I surprisingly for myself, really really liked.:relaxed:

If you girls ever get time, do check it out! I listened to it on an app but I believe it is also available on youtube.:smiley:

My apologies for a completely unrelated and neverending rant.:sweat_smile:


Nice :+1:


Of course! Welcome :grinning:


I would like to meet moms


Dude, what are you doing here? :joy::joy:




meeting moms


Thank you! :hugs:




:heart: ^-^


so wassup fellow moms?


ok. So there was this one time where my son was playing with a water gun and I was at the study writing like usual. I must’ve been immersed in my writing bc I didn’t hear him barge in as he squirted his gun all over me and the laptop. I lost a lot of time and work that day smh.



Yea. I just seem not to be able to come with any and I hate marking them as untitle because it makes it hard to keep track of them in docs. Which is why i dont start them til i have a title


Thanks for checking out my entry. Yours was great. You understand teen interactions well for having young kids!