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No problem.
Aw. Thanks. I didn’t know that you checked mine too.


Thank you! Yeah, i can’t wait to meet this little one.


Hey can I ask you guys for your opinion on something about a long story I am writing?


I’d love to help out. What can I do for you?:smile:


I am gonna message you on my private writing account


Messages sent?


If you still need help i might be able to help :slight_smile:


Hey Ellen! Thank you so much for creating this group for fellow Wattpad mom’s to chat and meet each other! :slight_smile:

Yes, I married VERY young! Lol, but it’s been a fun ride <3

How many kids do you have? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


LOL, LITERALLY :joy: We’re just up in here speaking the truth! Lmao

WOAH! 3 and 1.5?! YOU ARE SO STRONG MOMMA! I just have one 2 year old and I’m stressed out ALL the time… I couldn’t imagine! Are they good with interacting and playing with one another?

My husband and I are actually trying for a second baby now! We are so excited to expand the family and give our little guy a friend :joy::grin:


I pmed you from my writing account.


Yes, same here!


?? Same what ??


Sleep while you can before baby comes.


That’s my life. Work, sleep, write. Rinse and repeat. :grin:


I was agreeing with what the other’s said about answering your question :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey just found this thread - I’m a mumma from nz with two beautiful kids. 7 and 4! So happy to see some kiwis here!


Woah i totally didnt realize how many writers were mummas! Was kinda getting overwhelmed by all the teen writers that seem to dominate!
Married at 21. Last baby at 29. Gave up the heels for gumboots, moved to the country and bought a farm!


that sounds AMAZING!


It was my pleasure ^-^


Welcome to our little thread :grinning: