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Really? I love 12 to 13 more than I liked the early years. I know that the teens are looming… but it is sooo good atm.


Oh, I’m hoping that becomes truth for me, too. I’d really love to write about the conditions surrounding getting married at 16 because it really is like a real life soap opera. I can talk about it and tell about it in short hand but getting too into it just isn’t working for me right now.

I’m glad your husband is supportive of your writing! Honestly, mine probably would be as well, I’m just too embarrassed still to even let him know.


Like an actual surrogate mother? If so I’d LOVE to chat with you! I have to lose some weight to qualify but I have felt very strongly about becoming a surrogate for a few years but I haven’t ever actually known a surrogate mother.


I went on a mom following binge lol if I didn’t follow you it’s cause this side of wattpad is new territory for me and I couldn’t figure it out without a clickable link. lol


Go to Wattpad proper and search for the username. Results are divided into two tabs, stories and people.


Cool :slight_smile: The age where they start to discover themselves.


Not bad. It begin winter it’s driving me nuts


Yup, pretty amaze balls.


Well, duh, I pulled a couple of comic books from the shelf in the public library for my kiddo, they all look the same to me, lol, bright covers, kids on the covers, the title is ‘Too Cute’…

Or so I thought…

Lol. Kiddo opens it up, and goes… “moooom!”

Well, the title is actually Too Cute, it Hurts and page one has seminaked loli in the towel, ah-ha-hah… thanks, public library for the wide variety of choices… still laughing my head off.


Some ladies that can tell some stories! Nice intro to everyone. How could we harness this energy and talent? Group story?


I can completely relate to that! Winter time blues are creeping in :cry: ready for summer! Or at least spring!


Sorry didn’t mean to reply to you. The phone is being stupid.


Ugh one of my ten roughly planned out teen fiction stories is untitled. I’ll admit I had a lot of help.


I can make the usernames clickable. I’ll do it later though. Then I’ll tell you guys here once I finish it.


Will do :+1:


I’m glad you do :grinning:
I scrolled down almost 300 posts to gather all the info. Phew. It took a while.


Thanks, Sky :grinning:


Wow that’s a lot




What do you have in mind?