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Hey. This is my actually writing account @OlympiansBC is a profile I editing and putting together to make a book club and help books and contests.

I finally figured out why I couldn’t get to the threads with this one.


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i love this idea! how about this for a starter?

**I’ve been waiting for you. **

When I opened the door that night I was so terrified. Living alone for the past thirteen years has made me both free and fearful. Not to many folks make the long trek along the gravel road that leads to my property, east of the city border. Needless to say, the occasional news report of rural break-ins and robberies has made me uneasy, but still, the peace and tranquillity of the trees and sky and land that surrounds my home has been worth it. Most nights I sleep well, and my dogs always let me know when there is wildlife on the property and nearby. Tonight however they are silent.
What choice did I have though, but to answer the knock? Even if it was to be an intruder, I knew that I had to know who was there. And why.

**The smile that greeted me and the way that the dogs were sitting quietly, the face and eyes I knew so well, whose memory had never faded, and who I had long ago stopped wishing to see again in this lifetime. **

You’re alive, I said, both as a statement and a question. And then an embrace, you’re really here, you’re real. Disbelief. Relief.

And in a flash, anger.


Yes. I want spring all ready


Me too, but it’s still 3 to 4 months away.


I know. We have cabin fever bad


Yeah, we had our car hit yesterday, so there goes my gym getaways for a couple of days… looking forward to make up for it tomorrow tho.


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My little girl is 1.5 now and writing is definitely only an option when she is asleep :joy:


My one year old started screaming for no reason


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