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Gosh, i haven’t been on for a while and it seems to be growing in popularity. Love it!

How is everyone? And not forgetting your little ones too.


I hope you’re okay. My van was hit 2 1/2 weeks ago, still waiting for the estimation.


Hi ladies! What fun to find a writer mom group!

I’m the mom of a 3 3/4 year old (he’s very specific about those 3/4s). I’m an architect, I write in my spare minutes (started a year ago), and I write a bit of everything except romance.

Nice to meet you all!




YES WE DO TOO!!! Bring me sunshine and warmth please :sob::sob:


Aw, shucks :smile:


Yeah. I’m so happy that there’s actually a lot of writer moms around here.

We’re doing good. How about you?


Welcome to our little hangout :grinning:

Nice to meet you too and your little one :two_hearts:


Married to Jared, has three kids. Thomas, Shep, and Odette. Tom is 6 years old, Shep is 5 years old, and Odette is 1 year old! My husband and his friend, Misha both taught their kids sign language! My heart felt the warmth every time. I write on my free time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gurl, you are so obsessed with Jared :joy::joy:


Pssshhh it’s called true love :two_hearts:


Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

@JesskyaBradbury Warm welcome :slight_smile:


Jess is just trolling xD


Nice to meet you! Thank you :blush: I feel very welcomed. :wink:


I am soo not! I do have a relationship with Jared!


Just opened a service shop and already almost filled the limited spots


How is everyone doing


Hi! I’m a mom of a sassy 18 month old and am currently pregnant


Welcome and congratulations


I have two daughters, 9 and 12 but I started writing five years ago. They were very young that time and with a job and two small kids, it’s pretty hard to write. My writer’s block was not in my mind but in my surrounding. I had to wait till my kids go to bed and then used to write, sitting up late. But I had a day job too so being awake till 2:00 am and then getting at 6:30 am was pretty hard. But after publishing my first series, I won three awards within three months. One, Best Romance of Los Angeles book festival. I left my kids with my sister in law and attended the ceremony with my husband as kids were not allowed. Second was NY book festival and then again I had to leave kids. When I had to attend the third one, in Miami— Reader’s favorite choice award, my elder one said, “you’re not going without us this time.” Guess what! We did a mini family vacation for five days and my kids attended the ceremony. When I walked to the stage, the pride that I looked in my kids eyes, the way they were looking at me, it was all worth it. The sleepless nights, the pain in back and neck for writing — everything paid off when my kids looked at me with utter pride. In that vacation, whatever restaurant we went, they kept telling everyone : we are here because our mum won award. It was really cute. Then my nephew took inspiration from me and started writing mini books. His teacher called me to meet with kids and it was so cute, meeting all fifth graders and they were all in awe, like they were meeting a celebrity. Then he had a project to make, to present about your real life hero and he made me his real life hero. I guess all this effort is worth it when kids around you are inspired. Now My younger one is writing a comic.
They are 9 and 12 now and sleep a bit late so now it’s more difficult to write. I was working on a project which took me two years so I had to drop my day job to focus on my writing career. Now, when my kids see me writing, they come to me and ask: mommy, what are you writing, why can’t we read your books. I told them mommy writes adult romance but right now they really don’t understand it :slight_smile:
I know it’s difficult when you’re a mom, running a house, and you’ve to squeeze time in your busy lifestyle just for writing but when you achieve something out of it, when your kids are proud of you, it’s all worth the effort :slight_smile: