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Thank you


I made it!


I guess I should introduce myself, lol.
I got married young, or at least I think 23 is young. I am the mom of two girls, and I get asked this ALL THE TIME, are you going to try for a boy? No, we are done, despite my oldest daughter’s complaints about not having a baby brother.
I started started writing of Wattpad in Jan 2017, but I’ve been making up stories my entire life. I mostly write as a hobby but this a recent success and push to publish one of my stories I am considering it as a career, but I am trying to make sure that it’s something my household wants to actually get into.
I mostly write when I can and try to write in just about every genre to broaden my skills.
Last of all, it’s nice to know I’m not the only mom in this Wattpad world and look forward to getting to know you all.


I have a sassy one year baby. She turned 15monthes


Not trying to cry… nope not crying at all


Welcome. I’m a mom of a 1 one year old. She is super sassy. I have soon to be husband. I called him my husband anyway.


Thank you. Looking forward to making some new mom writer friends


Your welcome. I’m happy making friends that are moms as well.


There are a lot more moms on here than I realized!


Tell me about it


so this has probably been asked before, but mommas, how do you make time for writing and for babies and husband and boring household things… I wish my updates were more frequent, but it’s really hard to update with everyone wanting and needing a piece of you. And I’m not a full time working mom either… any tips??


I write at night. I do everything during the day. When the night comes around. It’s momma time, my husband does his own thing for a while.


I have been hoping to do that, but my youngest breastfeed and onnly goes to sleep breatfeeding and the next thing I know I’ve fallen asleep with her from exhaustion…


I am guessing this is something we all struggle with. Lately I have been picking a day and a certain amount of time to write and ask not to be disturbed. Otherwise I’m staying up every night into the wee hours of the morning and tired the next day, which leads to me being grumpy.
At first I felt guilty about taking me time, but then I realized if I love my family and want to keep them happy I have to make myself happy too, and writing does that for me. It’s not a lot of time I take, maybe an hour, but it’s a productive hour.


When the baby goes to sleep, take nap yourself. I did that when my baby was born. I slept while I can. She is one now. I have the app on my phone. I write when she takes a nap. We are moms


@Reading_Mermaid08 @silverdream88 thank you ladies!


Your welcome


You’re welcome. Hope the suggestion helps.


Im fine just trying to get a few more chapters done.


Oh my gosh the “are you gonna try for a boy” question irritates me. I had just had my second daughter and was still in hospital when the doctor asked me “so are you going to try for a boy?”

I was stunned in to silence :joy::joy::joy::joy: