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Try everyone asking if you’re going for a second and imagine their reaction when you tell them you’re leaving it at “just” one.
Even better when they try and tell you you might change your mind. Like, no lol. My husband got sterilised :laughing: we are quite certain of our choice, thanks.


I am two months late seeing this tag! Lol


I didn’t start writing until my son was almost three. I just didn’t have the energy. I also hadn’t figured out I wanted to write… but I also just had no creative energy until I stopped breastfeeding.

You just have to find the small moments in the day. But also recognize that it’s ok if you need a break. Its a phase, and this too shall pass.


Hello how is everyone?


Wow. This is so inspiring and cute. The way your kids looked at you made my eyes well up with tears :cry::heart:


Ikr? :sob::heart:


I am stopping by to welcome all the new members of our little thread (which is growing fast. Wow!) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello moms


I know, right! My youngest is six now and I am still young but also not a spring chicken either. (34) I didn’t want to have any kids after 30 because I want all my kids out of the house before I’m 50…I still get asked is we are going to have more. I just laugh at them now like they are completely crazy. Even though I miss my girls being babies I am out of the potty training/diaper stage. Why would I ever want to get back into that!
Besides, I had me tubes tied. We are done done.


I got my tubes tied and I always get the “well…accidents happen. You never know.”
If I “accidentally” get pregnant my doctor is going to get an ear full. He assured me the method he uses doesn’t fail.


Oh, thank you for asking. I am lucky, the car was parked on a large commuter parking lot and got into a 5 cars accident all by itself while I was at work, and took the least damage from everyone as far as I know. Just a driver who did not cope with an icy hill on the lot enterance and flew into the parked cars.

Everything is done now, I just have to get used to driving a rental for a couple of weeks.


Thats good


I just realized I have more fun helping other writers than writing now. Is that weird?


Accidents… happen…??? Wtf is wrong with people for saying that? :confounded:


I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely planning on being a chicken this spring. If you can’t be one at 34, when can you?!


Do any of the rest of you write Picture Books?


Not me.


I like that too lately. Haha.


So i turned my page into a help page lol


I was giving my little ones a bath today and I started singing “First things first Imma say all the words inside my head…” and when I reached this part “The way the things have been oh” my kids sang “ooh ooh” :joy::two_hearts:

That’s not all! When I reached this part “Pain. You made me a, you made a believer, believer…” they sang it along with me. It was so cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: