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Aw. That’s nice. Imma check it out.


OMG!!! That is too sweet! I live for moments like those, they are the best!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, my husband and I were blasting and belting out to some music, while my son was in the back. When the song finished he says: “That was a bit scary.”



OMG :joy::joy::joy:
Poor baby. That was pretty funny, though :joy:


LMAO, it was hilarious!! Kids say the darnedest things :joy:


Cool. :smiley: thanks


I’m not calling myself old. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be old, tbh. I know for the though I don’t want any kids after the age of 30. It’s just not for me but I know several others that are having their kids in their mid 30 and even mid 40. Which is great for them…just not me. I would never tell anyone that they are too old or even to young (unless they are a teen living with mom and dad in high school/ not ready for that responsibility yet young) to have kids because each person is ready to be a parent at different stages of life.


That is so cute. My kids will put on a whole production, with all the family round watching them sing or act. Its so entertaining, its become a monthly thing. Now my nieces and nephews apart of it too.


I like your picture books! I just started writing. I want to do some children’s books too. When my son was 1 1/2 I started telling him “two stories in the dark” every night before he went to bed. He is 9 and while they have dropped off a bit lately I would say we didn’t miss a night for over 7 years - do the math that is a lot of stories. Of course, some were so awesome wish I wrote them down but usually I would pass out in his bed in the end and not remember them in the morning. I started a rough draft of poems about children’s dreams, my son’s dreams and other kiddos in the neighborhood who run around and come into my kitchen to eat or wind up being driven by me somewhere - which is a lot of them. I got my highest ranking from it - #7 in gum. A lifetime achievement. JK. Got demoted to #40 in gum which might be how many stories there are with #gum.


Lol I know. I was joking with you. As someone who is about to try for a second child at 35 I am feeling my bodily age.
However my mind will probably always be stuck at age 13. :wink:


That’s awesome! I have turned some of my bedtime stories into books here. I keep telling my husband to write the ones he comes up with down because they’re also really good, but usually he just forgets them.


Aww. That’s adorable ^-^


Hi Mom




OMG OMG OMG ladies! Tomorrow, the ambassadors are going to announce the winners of the first round of the ONC.
Good luck to the ones who participated :grinning::heart:




An English mum who now lives in Florida. I have a 5 and 8 yr old. I write after bedtime, but that’s when I’m more creative anyway.

I’ve only just gotten back into writing a few months ago. So far, I’m writing humorous short stories with the same protagonist. I’ll blend them into one big, fat story when I’m done. So good to see all these mama-mias on here.








I’m on the edge of my seat. Really hoping I get through.