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Hi writer moms! I need some mom friends :slight_smile:

You know how you have those days where it just feels like you have the strangest most repetitive conversations with your kids? That’s me this year so far. The most common being “mum why is broccoli green, make it purple.”


My almost 4 year old. She has never jadpurple broccoli but only wants purple broccoli…


oh boy! mmmmmm… that’s a tough one. hahahaha! on the bright side, she’s willing to try broccoli, my 4 year old wouldn’t want it even if it was in a form of an airplane (he loves airplanes)

Maybe use purple colorant? but then again it might end up looking brown because of the green… and I don’t know how healthy that would be. good luck!! sending you good mommy vibes!


What if you get some purple cauliflower and mix it with the broccoli and tell her it is a mixed variety?


Oh! I found a purple broccoli! Broccoli ‘Miranda’ is one of the more unique broccoli varieties that are commonly grown around the world. It produces medium-sized flowers in a beautiful purple.



I am totally on board



I’m a writer and mum too!

I’ve got two kids, both still at home. I’ve been writing for a decade or so though. Mostly ghostwriting. Now writing for myself.


Welcome! Glad you are writing for yourself. Checked out your story. Exciting opening chapter!


Welcome :slight_smile:




Hi all :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t4:
I’m a Mom of two tiny hurricanes (4 & 1). I married my high school sweetheart after 10 years of dating.
I’ve been writing for longer than I can remember, and started sharing my work online in 2001. I found wattpad about 3 years ago.
I’m excited to have found this group!






Ahh, ahh, ahh! Have a morning to myself to write! NO ONE is home. It rocks. Banged out a lotta words. Trying to get to 20,000 words for my Open Novella 2019 contest entry before I find out I didn’t make it to the 3rd round because I think I will lose all motivation to finish if I don’t make the next cut. Should have gone back and edited when some of you gals noticed the judges were reading because I keep finding awkward sentences when I go back to review bits.

At 17,862 but will have virtually no time between now and March 25th to finish. It’s also not in postable condition yet.

HOME ALONE. What else should I do? So many options. A bath, yoga, read.


Bath. And read. And if its not before 12 then wine too :wink:


Thank you. Saw your comment. Think I managed to reply but the phone app is a bit harder to use than the website!


I second the Bath and reading. And wine!


Hello, also a Mum! My Boy is now 3y and finally in the kindergarten, so I startet writing again. It feels like coming back to me, like I can be a little more myself.
Do you know this kind of feeling?


Welcome :slight_smile: Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Quiet week here. Any big writing plans? Funny motherhood stories? I kept arguing with my kid about looking at screens late at night and how it will keep him up. He complained that I do too. We compromised by both getting blue light glasses (to filter out the blue light). I have no idea if they actually work but we both look hilarious.


Hello All,

I would like to join you. I am a mom of one young adult son. Believe it or not, strangers keep telling him he looks like Jason Mamoa (but not as tall). And believe it or not, I don’t watch much TV, so the first time it happened I had to ask my son who they were talking about. He showed me on his phone.

He is the reason I am writing a book. I began it years ago and had to keep shelving it as I tended to real life responsibilities that didn’t allow me much free time. When he was young, he loved for me to read aloud to him. We also listened to books on tape whenever we were in the car. When we didn’t have books on tape, we’ make up stories together.

I am trained as a poet, but had never taken on a novel. When I picked up the pen to write again, I wanted it to be to create something I could leave for my son. I wanted to give him one of the stories he loved to read or listen to. He has never let me give up on it. He said he feels like it belongs to both of us now.

It is very good to see so many writer moms on Wattpad. I had no idea. Cheers to all of you who are finding a way to tackle parenting and your personal passions.