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Kinda being nerdy I had to look up Jason Mamoa too. Cute son. My 9-year-old has the long hair but no beard yet! Your story resonates with us too! When my son was newborn my aunt and uncle took me out to dinner while my mom watched the baby. My aunt spent the whole ride there talking to her 26-year-old daughter on the phone who was freaking out about something. Then it dawned on me. The mom thing, it never ends. Welcome.


Thanks for the welcome. The mom thing really doesn’t end. My own mother still does things that make me laugh as if I’m a teen. Still, she is a huge support to me in my writing. She reads every chapter and every dang revision I make. She is an avid reader of everything. She devours books, so she helps me a lot.

Recently, I hired a writing coach because I get nervous and write myself into circles. I don’t spend money on any extravagances ( I love simplicity), so this feels like an investment in me. He’s been great. I’ve never had such thorough feedback. He sees things and can articulate them so clearly that it is really helping. I took down nine chapters on here (which was painful–haha-- but he is helping me look at the entire thing differently). I just got feedback on my first two chapters from him this morning. I have to work on some details on the first. He told me to completely re-write the second. And believe it or not, I feel happy to hear it. He gave me tons to think about and I want the challenge.


Warm welcome here :slight_smile: Your mom story resonates with me. My mom treats me like a 20year old :joy: Have to remind her at times that I’m an adult :wink:


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I’m still on the newer side of this whole ‘Mom’ thing. I have a darling 18 month old girl who is a BUSY BUSY bee, so that definetly makes finding writing time harder. I’m a stay-at-home mom, and my husband works on our family cattle ranch. It seems like there’s always another job to be done before I can get my hands on my computer! Thank goodness for Peppa Pig- she keeps my little one occupied during lunch so I can try to scribble something down. So glad to meet you all!


Welcome to all the new mom members :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oh gosh i feel like i have been struggeling of late,
back to school, kids homework, lunches, cleaning and ironing it feels like its never ending.
then my darlng daughter thought it would be a fantastic idea to give her room a ’ cleanup’ - now it looks like a bomb went off in there!
how does everyone cope? i have so many ideas on the storyline i am working on right now but my the time i get to my computer i cant find the words to articulate how I want things to go ( even though had the plot perfecty in my head at bath time!)


Hello, I am adding this advice from the point of view of a mom whose son is now grown. What I wish I had done differently back when he was young is to not care as much if all the rooms were spotless or the ironing done (I have a steamer now that works. Steams the wrinkles right out as needed).

If you show children that what matters more than your passion is that the house is in military perfection, you steal a little bit of their creativity along with it.

In my life now, I have learned a lot of lessons and have more to come, I’m sure. I have seen folks I love pass on before they got to do all the things they wanted to do. I decided I didn’t want that to be my legacy. We are dancing on this earth for a short time, and I want it to be a brilliantly creative time filled with more with play than perfection. I am not condoning living in unsanitary conditions, I am just saying maybe it’s not so important some days that your housework is all done. Maybe even more, I might carve out writing time for myself if I were a young mom again. Pick a day and make it yours to some extent. Screw the housework. Order pizza for the kids. And maybe tell them if they keep coming to ask you questions they’ll have to roll the dice on the chore wheel and cannot come back until the chore is done.

Sorry this long, but there is so much I wish I’d done a little differently back then to allow myself more time to write. Lastly, I’d say, don’t be a perfectionist with the housework if the family helps. So what if they fold the towels a little crookedly or put the cups on the wrong shelf. Don’t re-do the work and feel bitter. Let it be, and use all that energy for creating and writing.


Thank you. Our sleep pattern went out the window for a little while so I haven’t been on Wattpad. Hopefully it is back to normal now.

How do you manage?


Good Day!

Wuhu! I’m thinking, I’m quiet right here! smile

I’m married with…uff…23 and I’m mother of two kids (both under school age). I’m a passionated reader and I’m writing since I’m eleven/twelve years old. On Wattpad I’m brand new and writing in the moment on a historical fiction roman.

Not easy for me. We only had on PC, that my husband is mostly using, when he’s home. And when he’s not home, I’m mostly had to watch over my youngest, do hometask and get my oldest out of kindergarten. sniff
So not much time for writing.


Welcome to Wattpad and the forums :slight_smile: Nice meeting you =]


Thank you, nice to meet you too.
How’s everything going?


It’s always gonna be a struggle for us moms :hugs:

Well, I’m not sleeping well lately. I’ve been trying to recover from something that caused me nightmares, night terrors, and vivid flashbacks. I think they might be PTSD symptoms. That’s why I’ve been only sleeping about 3-4 hours and then I collapse for 8 hours during the weekend.

Strangely, I don’t feel very productive when I’m awake. I’m glad I’m at least paying attention to my kids. I’m so proud of the one in school. They’re getting straight A grades :heart:


Welcome and nice to meet you :grinning:


Busy as usual. Am checking out all the threads I’m subbed to :slight_smile:


Me too.
Had a bit issuse with the lasted chapter I loaded on here. Must figure out what’s wrong.


Thank you! You too! =)


Good for them!! That’s a great achievement!

If you’re sleeping that little and not getting good sleep when you are asleep, it’s not surprising you don’t feel productive when you’re awake. No matter how many hours you can be awake for, if your body and mind don’t have that regeneration time it affects you in all sorts of crazy ways, sorry to say. I wish I knew some good resources for you. I’ve dealt with insomnia off and on for years (even before kids) and it’s always been about working through the process. These days it’s more about the kids cycle than mine. I hope you can get some good sleep sometimes soon.


Thanks, girl :blush::heart:

I don’t know if I can just relax and fix myself on my own or go to a therapist. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I won’t let things escalate that much.

I’m sorry about your insomnia. Thanks!


Hi. I just found this thread and would love to join. My name is Amy. I am in my late 30s. I have a 14 year old and 8 year old, both boys. They are both very active with sports, activities, and school. I feel like I spend half my day driving them around!

The rest of the day I spend managing a flower shop where I am also the lead designer.

So, I really only have evenings to write. I have always loved reading and writing. I discovered this site last August. Since then I have been building a library and putting out a few works of my own.


Hi!!! I didn’t know you were a mom too!welcome!!