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Hi and welcome! I’m Amy. I am new to this thread as well. I only joined in yesterday. I have two boys. I don’t know much about the entertainment world, but it sounds exciting. What’s your story about?


Hi all :slight_smile:!

I roam the community for 13 days now and found this thread yesterday. As a mother of three kids I think I qualify :sweat_smile:. My boys are 10 (tomorrow) and 7 years old, my daughter is 5 years old and can’t wait to be a grown up. At the moment I don’t write new stuff but revise the stories and novels I wrote the last three years.
I wish you all a relaxed weekend!


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: Nice to meet you =]


Nice to meet you, too :smiley:!


Welcome! That sounds like an amazing career to be in!




Welcome! It’s wonderful to find other writers who are moms.


Thank you! Nice to meet you. This group is great. It’s nice to know there are so many other writer moms.


Hi Katharina! I totally feel your pain. I’m in the editing loop myself while I iron out the plot of my next story. Good luck!


Good luck to you, too. It’s maybe not the most thrilling aspect of writing, but in the end, it’s totally worth it :smiley:!




Welcome to Writer Moms!


Just stumbled upon this group. Single mom here, blogger and new writer. I’m interested to see how other moms juggle momming, work and writing down all those voices in your head.


Hi. It’s a juggling act for sure! I’m not a single mom, so I do have a bit of help. But it’s difficult to get time to write. I usually sacrifice some sleep to do it.


I’ve found I’m sacrificing sleep and writing at sports practices when I can. Though there are some days when I am just to tired to write. I feel like I’m not accomplishing what I want when I choose sleep. I know that’s silly cause sleep is important but it is definitely not easy.


We do what we can. Writing at sports practices is a good idea. I feel like I spend half my life on the sidelines of fields!
I’m enjoying your story so far!


Thanks so much! I also use writing during practices so I don’t sideline coach. It’s really tough not to do lol


Hey, ladies!
Who’s participating in the ONC contest? How’s everything? I am still not sure if I can finish it in less than 24 hours :<


spits water you have kids??
I was about to step off because I shouldn’t be here, but I fell down a hole.
Hi to all the moms, by the way :joy:


I mean, I’m a great mom to my cat, so does that count? Otherwise, I’m too young for kids.