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LOL!!! First you got shocked by my age, and now because I have kids. LOL!!! Girl, yes! I have a four year old boy and a two year old girl. Hey if you take care of that cat like your own baby, in my book you’re a mom in the making at least. I see how my own kids do things very similar to dogs and cats :stuck_out_tongue:


You can do it!!!


I missed that contest. I’m keeping my options open for other contests. You can do it though! Just ignore those pesky kids LOL


Thank you! ^-^


LOL. I’m ignoring those kids for today at least XD
Hopefully it would be enough for me to focus on writing.
Thank you!


There will always be other contests :+1:


I can totally relate. Crossing my fingers for you to meet your goal today. :slight_smile:


Have never said this so I guess I’ll surprise you too, but I’m a camp monitor in the summer, and my age group is just a little older than your children XD. In the summer, I become a mama bear :joy:


sniff Mäh. I need to write, but don’t have time. Mäh.


Ugh, same story here. I have been struggling with the balancing act this week. It seems like the kids have something every day!


Jep, just like mine.
My oldest (4 years) seems to be in her first “puberty” and my second (2 years) is a full grown “Oh no, Mommys gone” - Type at the moment. So - no free time for mommy. sniff


Ha! Sorry to hear that. My boys are a little older. I just drive them around all day now!


Oh! You playing Mom Taxi?
I’m sorry. Sounds exhausting


Oh good, my four year old and two year old are not the only ones that act like hormonal teenagers… sighs I feel your struggle!!


My soon to be eight year old is so interested in what I am writing. Mind you most of it isn’t quite appropriate for him. So he sits with his notebook and writes his own stories then asks me to write a special story for him. It makes me smile that he enjoys it.


Aww. That is so adorable. :two_hearts:


Awww, that’s so cute! You’re lucky to have such a fun sidekick. My kids have no interest at all in my stories. I wouldn’t let them read, but an interest would be nice!


I love his interest but sadly he shows it just when I’m in the zone breaking up my thoughts. Any other time he could careless about what I’m doing lol


Hahaha! Well of course! If your in your zone and focused, he doesn’t have your full attention!