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True story there.


Hi everyone!
My name’s Hope, and I have a 9 month-old daughter. :slight_smile:

@eliyeda Introduced me to this fantastic thread, and I’m so pumped to meet you all! :partying_face:


Oh!! 9 months is sucha a fun time!!! They are just adorable and they can be mobile, but not too much that you have to run after them. Lol!


Hi Hope. Welcome! I’m Amy. I have two sons. What are you writing?


Yes!! I’m loving it. Though, she is suuuuuper mobile already. She’s trying to walk, and I’m so not ready for it. :tired_face::joy:
Hopefully she’ll keep crawling around a bit longer, so I’m not up and down every five minutes. :sweat_smile:


Hi, Amy! :slight_smile:

I’m currently writing a YA Fantasy/Romance/Adventure book. Though I write in other genres, fantasy is my favourite. Haha!

What are you writing?


A fantasy/romance/adventure sounds exciting! I just peeked at your story real quick. Great cover! I don’t usually read much fantasy, but I may have to check it out. It looks intriguing.

I am currently writing a suspenseful romance.


Hi Hope :grinning:
Welcome :two_hearts:


Hey Ellen!


Hi, Ellen! Thanks for the welcome~


I love to write it! Making your own world, races and all of that is so much fun for me!
Oh, thank you! :smiley: It was actually my first attempt at photoshopping two images together, and my first attempt at a cover altogether, so I’m very glad it turned out, haha!

It’s fantasy in a sense that I made up my own races and realm and whatnot, but it’s not like a ‘ye olde medieval’ type of fantasy. It’s more modern, for sure.
Ah, thank you! :smile: I took a gander at your page as well, and Beyond the Door looks great! I’ll be adding that to my read-list for sure!


Great job at a first attempt!

Your story sounds very interesting. How do you make up your own worlds and races?! I am not sure I could do that. For now, I just stick to this world!


Hey Amy!


Hi. How are you?


I’m doing well.


That’s good to hear. All has been good here too, just busy with real life and finding time to write.


I have finished the Prologue Of Amelia and The Magic Lamp.


That’s great!


GUYS! I forgot to tell you that I finished my Open Novella Contest story and submitted it on time :smile:
This story ended with 18 chapters and a total of 25,277 words on April 2, 2019. Yay!

I managed to write 10 chapters in 1 week. I also managed to write 5,000+ words in the last day :scream:
This is a new record for me!!!

HOWEVER, I’m a bit sad because I rushed the ending :slightly_frowning_face:
I wanted to write more scenes to explain the ending and my MC’s condition, but I rushed it so I wouldn’t miss the deadline. I submitted it 1 minute before the form closed, can you believe it? :laughing:


Hi. I’m Amy. I’m not sure if we have met. That is awesome! 10 chapters in 1 week? That’s something to be proud of! Congrats. And good luck in the contest!