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Oh, I’m so sorry, Amy, if I forgot to welcome you here. I was so caught up in writing that I missed meeting a lot of the new members. It is so nice to meet you :smiley:

And thank you! :blush: :heart:


Thanks! :grin:

I have a veeeeery overactive imagination. Lol. It’s gotta come out somewhere, I guess!! :joy::joy:


Whoa, that’s amazing!! 5k words in the last day?! Way to hustle!! :tada::tada:
Good luck with the contest!!


Oh, no worries about that! You obviously had other things going on!
But it’s very nice to meet you too.


That’s awesome, definitely going to have a look at it soon!


Hey all you mama’s! How is everyone doing?


Hi. I’m doing well. How are you?


I just got super distracted writing :joy: so it’s going well!


That’s a good distraction! What are you writing?


Congrats! That’s awesome. I submitted but ran out of steam at the end. Didn’t edit the end as much as I should have but I’m probably not alone in that. I acknowledged you in my author’s note at the start. Thanks for the inspiration!


I became insomniac for a couple of days O.O lol
Thank you :blush:


Thank you :blush:
That’s great! Congratulations on finishing and submitting :smile:
Don’t worry. You can still edit and revise, but the judges can judge at any moment.

OMG. Really!? Aww. That’s so sweet of you. Thank you so much :heart:


I can only imagine!! Hahaha. The things we do for our craft, eh? xD


Yup XD


Morning Writer Moms! Hope you all have a great day. Baseball practice tonight so I’m hoping I can get some words in then.


@amys99999 @LadyWazzy Welcome to this thread :slight_smile: I’m Nab. I’m a mom of two teens.

My best wishes to all of you for round 3 of the Open Novella Contest :slight_smile:


Good morning! Same deal here-- I’m hoping to sneak in a little writing at practice too.


Hi Nab! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the welcome!
How’s life with two teens? I only have one teen. My other son is a few years away. The 14 year old is trying my patience at times. I am not looking forward to having two!


My 17 year old son ignores me at times. Specially when I’ve been nagging him to study for his IELTS test. He’s always playing PUBG or watching cricket. My daughter is nice, quiet and calm.


Haha! I guess it’s all boys then. I am constantly nagging my son to study too! All he wants to do is play sports and xbox.
It’s nice you have it easier with your daughter.