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I find that I need the escape. That is how I justify that time. I’m a big reader too and most times I need that little bit of me time. It is really tough finding that balance though.


I completely agree! I still feel guilty though :pensive:


That means you are a good mom. I don’t know how little yours are but my little guy is going on 8 and it has been a lot easier now that he has practice and boy scouts and video games lol


I have a boy who is 5 and a girl who is 2 on Wednesday! I can’t imagine them being 8 :scream: I’ll be crying somewhere haha


I know. It truly feels like yesterday that my son was that little. Now, he comes up to my shoulder and has that early teen attitude. Believe me that is definitely not something to look forward to. This is probably why I like to write fiction. Everyone has to listen to me then LOL


Happy Monday! Hope it will be a great week. Didn’t get much sleep last night because I was stuck in a writing groove and didn’t want to stop. I was worried I’d forget this morning. Now, I’m paying for it with mainlining coffee.


Haha! I do that way too often. I stay up late and pay for it the next day. Hope the coffee helps!


It has so far. Cross your fingers it can keep me going until the end of my day :slight_smile:


Fingers crossed for you!
I always have to have another cup or two around 4 in the afternoon. It gets me through the rest of the day


I make sure my kiddo is not expecting to do something together & we figure it out. Sometimes it causes problems, but we sort it out. We have more tensions over her drawing for me, heh.


Morning Moms! Is it Friday yet?


Ugh. I wish! Happy Tuesday to you though!


Not even close, heh. But I love Tuesdays, it’s a skating day for me.


So close, yet so far! Haha.


Nope. I already feel like the past two days are moving in slow motion.


Morning writer Moms! How’s everyone doing today?


Happy Wednesday! Another mainlining coffee kinda day


Oh, Wednesday! That’s a check in day on progress for me on the reddit group. I wanted to be done with the full draft posted, but I am still editing the big romantic chapter with one more to go & Epilogue.

But, that’s life. Life is never as fast at getting you places as you want it to. :slight_smile: I hope not to be too tired for a run tonight.



Yes. Yes it is.

I just caught up reading through this thread aftrr a week away. I love that your little guy is interested in writing with you! Mine are too little yet, but the younger one loves to type, or mash the keys while I’m typing. It makes for some fun typos!


Gosh, I hear you. I was hoping to be done my (first draft) today, but got stuck on literally the last chapter. I feel like I’m rushing it, but also dragging it out so it doesn’t feel rushed. Does that even make sense? Now I want to go back and rewrite a good half the story :joy: :sob:
…stupid muse…