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I am editing, so the draft is done, but editing always takes me far longer than writing. I keep wanting to make sure everything comes out just right, and I need to correct the short cuts I take when I write, like embedding dialogues into all the emotional-move-scenery blocks around them properly. And, of course, the grammar that torments me day and night…


I understand this completely. My last story took me three years to edit >< mostly because as I was editing, I kept changing and rewriting.
Grammar! Ugh. So hard for me because thought English is my first language, I studied in French for so long that that is the language I think in sometimes. (Though now, my grammar skills in both is a struggle)


I feel that it is going be like this with Stellar Cruises for me. I wrote it, I posted it, I took it down - and I feel it has the good core, but I need to work on it far more to get it towards the point where I can be proud of it!

My other stories I just love them as is, my little monsters and have no aspirations, but I feel that SC could be more.



It’ll come. Sometimes, these ones are the ones we are most proud of.
Is it in the same vein as your other stories? I just realised your Crimson Qi is on my reading list :smile:


I felt that way with Unexpected. I wrote it for NaNoWriMo and wasn’t terribly pleased with it. I decided to do the edits and post it on here. I felt better after that. Just had a to step away from it for a bit. Sometimes when you are too close to it you can’t get a good read on it. No pun intended :slight_smile:


Yes and no, I guess. I always have a doze of silly humor, and go for upbeat stuff for those of us dead-tired from work, but it is a sci fi setting vs pseudo-historic.

And, heh, Crimson Qi gets around.


I was away from it for a while - I finished it on November 2nd, had it on for a few months, collected feedback, wrote She Killed Elephants & Men and the War Mage Sixteen since… so I am due to get back to it, and see if I can make something worthwhile out of it.


Gotcha! You got this! :slight_smile:


Thank you!


You can do it :slight_smile:


I was reading on twitter today and the idea went something like that. Faith moves mountains. But what if the mountain is YOU?

It is what I am going to think about today. More than anything, I need a faith in myself.


We have faith in you :slight_smile: And we definitely know that you can do it. Just believe in yourself :slight_smile:


Ooh–love that! Such a good piece of advice!

I’m not sure if we’ve met yet, lol. I’m pretty new here.
My name’s Hope, I have a 10 month old girl, and I write fantasy/romance/adventure. :slight_smile:
It’s nice to meet you!


Hey Mommies!

Some tips, when you ill and your Duracell - Children both at home?
I’m feeling very very bad, couldn’t really think in a straight line - so ideas for my survival?

And how is everyone here doing?


Morning Mamas! It’s finally Friday! I’ve been waiting three years for it to be Friday! LOL


Nice to meet you!


I had the best start of Friday from many Fridays… well, it could have been a bit better, but it was still very exciting. :slight_smile: I gotvup early to watch a competition live and my fav athlete did something fabulous. :slight_smile:

Now I can’t tune into work tho.


Dayquil, or the Buckley’s Daytime pills.
Honestly, that stuff picks me right up! I run a daycare in my home, and when I get sick that’s my go to!
I also take garlic pills, and vitamin C like it’s going out of style! That seems to help as well.


And hello! It’s nice to meet you! :smiley:


Me too, me too! So glad it’s finally here!