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This long week is finally almost over. :tada: I’m so ready for a little me time and to write!


Hello! Nice to met you too!

I’m from germany. Don’t have ever heard of these things! smile
I made me a good old cup of tea and thanks all Gods for the invention of the TV and Netflix today! smile But I’m soooo happy, that my day is near his finishing. My Husband is home now, we made dinner - and than the kids go to bed. Finally time for mommy to take care of herself.


Ah, cool!
Lol, tea is a great fixer too! Haha. :joy:
Yes!! I hope you have some quality you time, after having a rough day!


Thank you.
Hoping so too. Really. sniff


I know it’s really not a lot of votes or reads in the scheme of things–but I am ridiculously excited about it, and I just have to share the excitement with someone!! :grin::joy:

My book cracked 100 votes today, and is 8 reads away from 400 reads!! I am beyond floored! I’m so glad I took the leap past my nervousness to post it. :sob::sob::heart:

How’s writing coming for you guys? :smiley:


I know how you feel. I’ve actually attracted a few people who are enjoying my ongoing story. It has been encouraging. I’m hoping I can get some more people willing to read and give feedback. Congratulations to you, though! That is very exciting.


It’s such a surreal feeling!! I’ve been working on this book for years, and never though anybody would be interested! I’m so pleasantly surprised to find the opposite!

Yes, your book Tabloid is actually in my library! I just have to get around to reading it, haha! :smile:

Thanks!! :smile:


Oof! I have no tips as I often struggle with this too. I hope you feel or are feeling better. :tulip:


Congratulations! It’s a great story! I am sure it will get a lot more reads and votes.


I have yours on my list to read. It looks good. I am just a little behind on my reading right now.


Do it! you won’t be sorry! It’s a good read :grinning: also congratulations on the votes!


Thank you so much! :smile: I appreciate you saying so!


I look forward to reading it too. I’m having Amy’s problem on being behind my reading list, plus writing my own stuff, plus real life… Lol! But hope to get to it soon. Congrats!!


Congratulations on reaching new milestones :slight_smile:


That dang old real life keeps getting in the way! I feel your pain :slight_smile:



I Have made The Great Human Detective Writing Group under #story-services:writing-groups


i know! in other news, I’m super happy because one of my books that I actually wrote for the Open Novella Contest 2019, won a subcategory in a user run contest! I am so happy because this subcategory is called the Table Shakers and they defined it as: New voices. Defying plots. Brave characters. Rule-breaking storylines. The real busters.

Anyways, I’m super happy now!


Congratulations on the win :slight_smile:


thank you!!


That is so awesome! Way to go!