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I just want to put this out there. I know I am one of the newer moms here, but I think this writer mom community we have built in this thread is incredible. We have so many awesome writers that support and encourage everyone. Just wanted to say you all are awesome!


Yes–me too! I think most of us have experienced those problems at some point!! Hahaha. :joy: Too many great reads, so little time to actually read them. :sweat_smile:
Thanks!! :blush:

And a huge congratulations on your win!! That is absolutely amazing! :smiley::partying_face:


Thanks so much!! :smiley:




I second this!!
I am so grateful that I was pointed to this thread of amazing writer mommas!
Y’all are great! :smile:


Mom of one boy. He is 2 so he keeps me super busy with blocks, trains, and riding his push trucks.

We have a touchscreen laptop and my son loves to come and touch it while I am trying to write. Despite playing with him for hours a day, finding twenty minutes for me to sit and write is a struggle! I know its only going to get worse since I am going to start watching two other little boys this week.


Hi, Haruka! :slight_smile:


I deal with that with my 10 month old, as well! Haha. :joy: She always has to be up in mt buisness when I’m writing. :joy::sweat_smile:
I actually find it’s waaaay easier with other kids around, because they tend to want to play with each other more than they want attention from me, haha! So hopefully it turns out like that for you, too! :blush:


Hello there!


I think small milestones are so encouraging. I just looked at my story Tabloid at it has over 200 reads and close to 100 votes. It’s a cool feeling knowing people are reading your story.


I agree. I had no idea there were so many writer moms on here!


Yes!!! Exactly.
The small milestones are so exciting!


Congrats on your reads and votes, by the way!! Tabloid is next up on my read list! :grin:




I use a notebook when my 17mo son gets particularly clingy/handsy. I know old school! It’s frustrating that I have to type it out later, but at least I get my ideas out.


Oh I’ve done that too. He likes to try and grab the pen when I do that. I have several pages that have scribbles all over the page now. :woman_facepalming: I’ll figure it out one of these days. Lol.




Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I’m brand new to Wattpad since a few days ago, this is my second day on the forums. I’m 30 and have two boys, 10 and 5.

My bf is an Aussie and we’ve been together 1.5 years. I work full time, and attend comic cons, go to disney (land and world) and act and write when I can. I have been writing since I was a teen, but decided I really wanted to share my current novel and see if I could gauge interest in it on Wattpad.




You’re everywhere :smiley: