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Hi everyone interesting on comment your history of fiction

I am not new to Wattpad, but in the past I did not take it seriously. Over the past week I published some short stories here. I have been writing for many years but have rarely attempted to become noticed. A story I am keeping to myself for now goes in a new direction for me. I made the central character a middle school age female. It seems to be working. I have a complete first draft and after allowing it to “cool” several months I have begun working toward a final revision. I am 77 years old. I hope that by the time I reach 78 I will be offering it to a publisher. Are you working on something too?

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I’m new but i write from 8 years of age,And i are a lover of guitar,i got 5 years touching but take a break forma write my history,is a genere called Dark Fiction And i published the firts secuence of Cap 1.And the wenesday published the Second secuence

Talk about you history

I will talk about myself, but first I want to suggest to you that you search a program called Grammarly and download the free version. It will help you with both grammar and spelling. I depend on it heavily.

When I was a child I hoped to become an artist for perhaps comic strips. But with time I began to read more, until writers such as Walter Farley and Charles Dickens inspired me to write. I lived a troubled life and failed to develop my craft. I still made writing efforts but very little of it was good. I was already getting pretty old when I learned how to finish my stories. I had a book published by Black Rose Writing, but it did not sell.

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But i dont can talk about experience,i only got 16.
And in that 16 years y learned so much And i be pride of my work

You have a long time ahead of you. If you remain committed you will find many times to be proud, as you have cause to be proud for what you are doing now. When I first wanted to be a writer I had nothing at all to say. But life gives us experiences and if we look for them ideas will be there for us.

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You got reason,i living on a country whit ver y problems but i try be the best,

It seems to many persons from foreign countries that Americans have every privilege and opportunity to do anything they wish to do. And it is so for many. Some, like me, grew up in poverty and had undiagnosed condition keeping me from being an accepted part of society. My condition is called Asperger’s Syndrome. I could not have good education or job or occupation because of it. I worked hard to become accepted in society and I was over fifty years in age by this time. If I can do well, I think probably you can also. But I don’t know your truth, so I don’t want to seem to push you or anything.

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Thanks, i go leave this topic And i go to follow you now