Writer Tools: Character Creation, World Building and Plotting


We all have our different tools we use for writing, whether it’s an application or simply handwriting the details of your world.

What tools do you use?
Would you recommend that?
What’s useful about it?
What’s not?

I personally use a few applications such Mindly ( for mental mapping) and Writer Tools (to set everything up) as well as simply writing everything out. Though the applications help, writing down my ideas and the rules of my worlds helps much more in the long run.


I use Trello for outlining and note taking.

It’s great for sorting out where I want my books to go.


That honestly looks really interesting! I might check it out when I get the chance to.


My brain.
I do not.
Everything is there for me to get.
Everything is there for me to get.

LMAO but in all seriousness, I use my brain and on the odd occasion I use a timeline. I try to keep everything in my head in like these folders but it gets cluttered when it comes to my series. I would attempt to use something else but I always end up just stopping because it takes so much time to bring up or put down that it’s just easier for me to do it inside of my head.

Its a huge pain in the ass and I don’t recommend it to anyone but I’m stuck doing it this way because I have always done it this was. Horray for 15 years of bad writing habits.


Currently I use my brain and an extensive amount of notebooks.

I write a lot of little information down and put it into notebooks which then go into binders which are then organized by book…

But I’m nowhere near organized XD


What tools do you use?

One Note.
Movie Magic Screenwriter 6

Would you recommend that?


What’s useful about it?

One Note: Let’s me keep everything I need in one place. I can set the main tab for the name of the story, then I can do sub tabs with character names, story ideas, research notes, etc.

MMS6: Great if you’re writing screenplays, easy to use… but the feature I use most is the name bank. It has lists of first and last names in alphabetical order for both male and female. It comes in handy when you’re looking for something besides the obvious ones, like Mike, Mary, Dave, Peter.

What’s not?

I’m not sure what’s not… I haven’t had any real issues with either of them. I guess for MMS6… it’s not for free… you actually have to buy it. But, that was not an issue for me, since I write screenplays.


I use Focuswriter, and change the background and font colors something I find more aesthetically pleasing than white background black text.

I’m not sure why they chose white background black text, as even books are’t totally white.


I am currently using the Notes app on my phone to jot down any random ideas I have for my work in progress, for the sequel, or any other story idea for that matter. Ideas tend to strike at the craziest times, and I always have my phone with me. So it’s a lot easier to just write them down now and sort them later when I actually start working on it.

I am not writing a sequel now but my brain is already planning it when the first draft isn’t even complete. It would be such a waste to properly outline the sequel because who knows how my first book will end. It might result to me changing major plot points of the sequel. Also, already planning an outline for a sequel would make the plot for the current work rather rigid. At the same time, it would be such a waste to let a good idea go. Writing it down ensures I will not forget it when I might just need it.

As for organising details of my current wip, I am using Google Sheets, extensively. I love how I can organise everything according to my needs. Color coordinate things. Find any particular thing in long lists by using the Find feature. I also love how everything can be separately sorted in one document using different sheets. I only need to open one document and everything related to that project is there for me to pick, view and edit at the bottom.

I was doing all this in a notebook, which was getting rather messy. So I switched to Google Sheets. Though I might just check out all the softwares mentioned here. Thanks for sharing, y’all! :grinning:


What tools do I use? I use NovelFactory.

I would most definitely recommend it to all types of fiction writers.

What’s useful about it? It’s a fun and great way to outline your story/novel, it helped me finish one of my first stories ever and it was a fun experience to overall. You can outline your characters with questionnaires and pictures, it saves the character and is just a joy to use. You can use it to outline worlds, characters, and your plot.

What not? Well, it’s rather expensive and that’s not too useful. Haha. The trial is short too so that’s no fun either.


I use MindLine app. One line is the storyline. One line is the view or perspetive of my telling characters (I write in first person or persons) and I use more lines to describe my characters life line.
This isery personal but it was my way to organize my characters.
E Ritt


I use evernote for planning. I can organize everything in one notebook. So one notebook would be for each story. Then every note focuses on different things. Like plot, characters, the world, etc.

I use ywriter to actually write and set up my story. I definitely recommend it. You can have a list of characters, organize them in each scene their in. You can label each scene as draft, first edit, second edit, and done. You can also add character description and a picture. There’s just a lot you can do with it.