Writer with quick growing audience needs a few Beta Readers

This is for authors who need beta readers for their completed stories.

  • Title: The Heir of Regrets
  • Genre and sub-genres: Romance
  • Description: :revolving_hearts: NEW!

#1 in Romance on December 7, 2019

One night is all it took for her to change his life forever.

He is arrogant, handsome, and popular but she is shy and has never known a night of freedom.

He is the heir to everything his father ever built, including the regrets earned over a lifetime of taking but never giving anything in return.

She gave him something very precious, only for his father to take it away?

Year’s later she steps back into his life and finds a changed man. Will she return to him what his father has taken away? Will she see the goodness in him and give him everything he ever wanted? Find out in this story of passion, love, regret and revenge.

  • Info: This story hit #1 in Romance and earned over 125k reads in one week. It has not yet been looked over by a Beta Reader. I have room for more than one beta reader because I have almost 30 completed stories that need that magic touch.

I’m interested.

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I will contact you.

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Hi! I’m interested. My story isn’t completed by any means, but I actually had published it once over 2 years ago(I had to unpublish due to personal reasons) so I have over 50 chapters saved in draft, so I can guarantee you that I won’t be leaving it midway or something, as I’ll regularly be updating.

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