Writer's Hangout! V1



Welcome to the Writer’s Hangout, V1!

This is a place where writers can get help, give help, and just chat, like a community! No matter what genre you write, how you write or how popular you are, every writer is welcome here. :sparkles:

There is only one rule here: be nice! Other than that, go wild. I would love to meet other writers out there and I’m sure you would too, so if you write, don’t be shy and just drop a message!

By the way, sorry for the oversized banner! I miscalculated the size of the thread pages (technically, I didn’t miscalculate - I just didn’t know, but shh). It’ll be updated as soon as I have a better size.

Have fun!
~ Shadow :stars:


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Thank you!

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No problem! Besides, no one seems to be interested anyway :sweat_smile::woman_shrugging:

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Haha I will be very interested when I come back after work tomorrow!

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I’m glad to hear, thanks so much!


Are you psychic? I was literally was just to ask you about something?

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Hellu :smiley:

And 720p is a nice width. The height is up to you

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Who knows, maybe I am.

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My name is Kada.
And I saw your thread in the main page.

I’m near the midpoint of my sci-fi/space story and I hope I won’t mess it up. I’m good at writing flash fiction pieces, but it’s hard to keep pace when writing longer works.

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Thanks! I’ll make the banner 720p next time :smiley:
Anyway, welcome! You write werewolf stories, if my memory is correct?

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Yeah, I know the feeling. For a while, it was so hard to rite longer works and I just wrote flash fiction. What genres are they, usually?

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I’m usually all over the place, but I like science fiction the most I think. :slightly_smiling_face:

Though my longest work so far is paranormal. (but I’m not a fan of the story. :sweat_smile:)

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What is it about? I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think.

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The paranormal one was based on a wattpad contest prompt and is a novella. It’s about two girls, one is sort of possessed and the other collects souls to keep a bargain with death.

I think it’s lacking in terms of world building. But that’s for another day. :laughing: I don’t have the necessary skills to improve the story, so I’m writing new things.

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I could help you with world building, if you like.

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Btw I noticed Wattpad is now asking for which age ones work is aimed at, and I’m lost. I don’t particularly have an age bracket in mind.

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Well, I’d love to see how you come up with your worlds. What kind of questions do you ask yourself to get the foundations ready. That’d be awesome. :slightly_smiling_face::pencil2:

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Well… are you doing it in a fictional/fantastical world or a regular country in ours?

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It’s purely fictional. But I’d love to have some resemblance with ours. Like a big city with slums and rich neighborhoods etc. And also of the country or planet as whole.

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