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As someone that writes quite often I have several stories. I wish we could display our works similar to reading lists. I have over thirty and have several sub-genre’s. It would be neat to separate by Rom-Com, billionaire, mafia, historical, paranormal etc. It seems like having one list makes it so the end of the list doesn’t get as many reads. Also, that way someone looking for Rom-Com doesn’t have to search as hard to find what they’re looking for when visiting your profile.

Oh, I do like the sound of this. I get that they’re trying to make the UI for stories as clutter-free as possible, but only displaying 3 per writer does have its disadvantages. What about writers with more than 10 works? A potential reader can easily get bored scrolling through the list and leave before they check out the others. Aside from the ability to showcase our works by genre, it’d be great if we could revert to the old story UI: the one where you can showcase 5 stories at a time, with a main one at the largest spot on the list.


I have some that get very little reads because they are at the end of the list.

I think we should be able to have as many as we want under each list but we can organize them any way we want just like the reading lists.


I agree with this!


This would be awesome! I have one short story that’s been translated so I’d be nice to group those instead of them taking up two main slots.


I like this. It would also make it easy to keep series together :+1:


I also think it would be great to separate our stories marked mature from the other stories. If you’re writing more than one story they can be marked ongoing so the readers know what’s complete and what’s not.


Yeah, I miss when you used to be able to see the Completed tag from writer profile pages >.>

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