Writers on Instagram: What do you post?



I’ve been on Instagram for almost eight months. However, I still haven’t gotten the hang of posting any good content on there. Besides poems and other things. For any writers on Instagram, what do you post? I’m currently running out of ideas, so I want to see what other writers like to upload. :blush:


This is a good question… I like to post things that interest me and I post sayings and some videos. However, I see other authors posting their book titles and videos of them on book tour… not my style.

I’ll be watching this post for some suggestions…

Thanks for asking…


As one who is new to using Instagram for things to do with writing, I simply post the following:

  • “broadcasting” when I’ve published a new chapter of my current WIP on WP proper.
  • what book I’m currently reading.
  • questions pertaining to books and/or writing.
  • pictures of new books that I’ve acquired from my local bookstore, et cetera.
  • all around general/random/nerdy stuff.


I joined Instagram and got lost XD I have no clue how it works, lol.


random stuff idk


Is Instagram worth it for writing purposes? I know they mainly do pictures, which I hardly post. I’m on Facebook and Twitter for my writing, which can be exhausting to keep up as it is.


I post writing memes usually of my mood (if you search #writingmemes you can get an idea of what I mean. You can even screenshot some of them and post them yourself, but make sure to use correct credit!) I also post quotes from my work, information/ updates on my writing and I’m planning to make posts on what I’m reading but I actually need to read more to do that :joy:

And don’t forget to use plenty of tags! The maximum is 30 before the description gets deleted. This can make or break how many likes or followers you gain from a post. I averagely use around 6-10 tags per post.

You can check out my profile daisydoesnothing and see what I mean :wink:


Exhausting is right! It’s like two full time jobs just updating my posts…


I post anything, really. I post photography photos (it’s a hobby of mine) and then other things I’ve been up to. I posted some pictures of my trip to Disneyland and to the beach a couple of times. I’ll post stuff about reading, like what I’m currently reading (but I haven’t done that in a while lol). I used to post photos of my weight loss journey. Not really of me, but like photography photos of where I went or what so-and-so looked like. For example, I had posted photos of drinks I drank and my yoga mat with my computer. And then the most often thing that I do post is my writing progress; how many pages I have, how many words, what chapter I’m on, what the scene I just got done writing.

If you’d like to take a look at it all, my instagram is [ammeyers20](https://www. instagram.com/ammeyers20). :wink:


My Instagram is literally just random photos. Literally xD


No real theme to it, just photos that I wanted to share.


thats what mine is except mines really weird


Usually my editing, space, tea, and then just my general life.


An upcoming work of mine takes place in a fictional town in Iowa. I live in New York, but always wanted to make the trip for research and to take a lot of photos. That would be something I’d use Instagram for. That trip probably will never happen, with work and family and scheduling, but there are some seasonal photos (it’s very harvest, autumn, Halloween oriented) I could still do here to capture the mood. It’s something I considered.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions/replies!