Writers Question: How do you write your stories? (Planning/Remembering)

I’m just curious about how other people write their stories.

Do you guys plan your stories out or do you make it up as you go? I know I usually have an idea of how things may end up but I essentially just make it up while I write. I feel like some people know exactly what’s going to happen next and they just fill in the details to get there, you know?

When you are writing about something that you mentioned earlier in the story, do you ever have to go back and double-check you are remembering it right? For instance, I couldn’t remember if I had described my MC’s apartment with brick walls or not, so I had to go back and look. Does that ever happen to anyone else?

Yes, I do have a full ass diary where my plot is written the details of the characters are written from what type of clothes he wears to his eye colour, skin colour, everything.
Yes, I do plan the whole story and if I have to add something then I do it…it depends on how good my procrastination is tbh…

How do I write?
Sit in the table.
Write 100 words
Leave it for a few days
Write more words
Again procrastinate
Write more
Forget about it
Edit it out and post

I do remember a few things that I have written down but rest I forget mostly so I have to go back sometimes.

I relate to this too much haha. Dang but that’s interesting! I feel like I should try that out some time. Though, I’d probably deviant from the “path” I’d mark myself.

I usually plan a little of where I want it to go with each chapter, and then I just flow with it because whenever I plan too much I end up giving up on the book.

All the time :joy: I have to do it now as well

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I can totally relate to this.

and yeah, me too :joy: I’m terrible

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I make it up as I go. There’s a few key plot points that I stick to, but aside from that, I make it up. Sometimes have to go back and check things


You forgot the part about where you surprise yourself XD


I have a basic outline of the story decided before I begin writing. Before I start writing the story, I will always have a couple of crucial things agreed on that will determine the overall direction of the story:

  • Who the MC is at the beginning, and who they need to be at the end.
  • The central conflict, and the resolution for this conflict.
  • The setting and a basic plotline

I then will take the basic outline of what needs to happen and break it down into different chapters that will enable me to reach the final result. This tends to be the area where a lot more of the winging it comes into play for me, as a lot of things end up changing The chapter outline is more just a guideline to help me achieve the main components I decided on at the beginning. There have even been times that everything that happens in the middle of the story has changed completely from the initial plan :joy:

All the time :grin: I can’t tell you the amount of times a characters nail polish has changed color, or the location of something has changed. To help with this, I have started keeping a notebook where I jot down all of the little things that relate to a character or setting. That way I can flick back quickly to confirm on something minor mentioned earlier. It’s all about maintaining that consistency. I will regularly re-read through chapters that are already written to double-check that everything is as it should be.


Oh. Right. I also surprise myself when I write at times XD


I usually prefer to have my the whole story planned before I even start. So I make lots and lots of research, do the building up of the characters, and make chronological order of the events. Of course, lots of things and ideas might change while writing when I come up with better ones, or to fix any plot holes I might’ve missed.

Definitely, I have a terrible memory. Hence why I always keep a note and write down all the important stuff. And I also go back to reading and checking many of the events and things that occurred while writing new chapters.

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I always know where I want to go with the story. I know what the climax is, the starting, the ending. I usually know what the chapter is going to hold, even before it starts. But that is all pure memory work. There are sometimes when I have to double check. With things such as, did this character put away her violin? Or What class does this character have? If it’s things I know I won’t remember, such as dates (my history teacher can tell you that), I normally write them down. I always write the date when that story takes place at that begging of my rough draft. Also ages seem to mix me up as well. How old was the character when they did this? Yeah I don’t frickin know…

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When I write my stories; I always try to make it a little bit relatable(even if it’s fiction) some parts have to be relatable and a little bit realistic and I also get inspiration from other authors that I love on wattpad


I organize all my notes by different sections. It looks something like this:

  • Notes
  • New Ideas
  • Characters
  • Side Characters
  • Backstories
  • Timeline of Events
  • Timeline of How the Story is Written
  • Ideas for Illustrations
  • Chapters that Need Editing
  • Cut Out Scenes
  • Chapter Plans

And more that are unique for my story…

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I get the idea, I daydream about the plot/writing it until I can
I write on fire for a few days, or a week, or a day
I get writers block

then I start a new story.
Same process,
then I go back to the previous one

I am literally the most unorganized writer to roam the fiction world xD

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Dang that’s actually super organized. Kudos to you haha. I wish I was more like that

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That sounds exactly like me!! But then I get busy with LIFE :nauseated_face: and my writer’s block lasts way too long

Remembering from Dreams.

I’ll write simple points here because if I write longer sentences, people will just get confused :sweat_smile:

  1. Make a cup of tea.
  2. Open scrivener and Aeon timeline.
  3. Start a basic outline out of characters, the plot, locations where they take place, subplots, whatever needs outlining I will outline it :joy: I also make a brainstorm folder.
  4. Make another cup of tea.
  5. Outlining the hella out of characters, but this time with more deeper questions in another document.
  6. Research, research, research.
  7. Eat some food if I actually notice that I’m hungry.
  8. Open Aeon timeline and put in character birthdays, events that will happen and so on.
  9. If I feel like everything is planned, I’ll start writing scenes.
  10. Then I often just take inspiration from my dreams :sweat_smile:

Music Playlist
Take what themes I want to write
Make the setting (or A setting)
More Music
Make Villain and their motive (Or mini villains and their motives.)
(Backstories here)
Main Character time.
Then inspiration from more music and media I’m consuming.
Jenga piece it into the timeline I have already.
Get 7 reads.