Writers Refuge :D



Just make friends, talk about writing, and share your story! :>


hullo :smiley:


Hello! :dreamcatcher:


Woah, the entire site just became white/gray to me


yup! was doing some adjustments but should be OK now!


it’s back to orange :slight_smile:
nooo, I miss your cat profile pic!


Hey, everyone! :3


But isn’t sharing stories not allowed out of SYS threads? Will SYS still exist? :thinking:


I think they’re still trying to decide. Lots to sort through so they can only tackle so much at a time.


Having existed in the days of the SYS club existing, I never want to see such a club exist again.

For the most part, people’s stories get “shared” between each other in the clubs unintentionally. As in, people are super cool, you’re like “What a cool guy this nick person is” and then off you go to read his books without him ever having “shared” his story.

Or, as per a discussion we were having today about the clubs “people are using it for professional development by wasting time in it.” Go team.


confused look at the bottom paragraph


Hello everyone! Welcome to writer’s refuge!!!