Writers Struggle Hangout Four: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



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Heyyyyyy btw why is it still three


what do you mean?


The title should be four :slight_smile:


I finally found the full Tuberidze’s Champions on Ice on u-tube, so I am out for the night :slight_smile:

But I managed to edit the first chapter of the Stellar today :wink:

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I’m here, anyways, quick question. I’m planning on having one character proposing to another character (I have them planned to be married so they can have a child who’ll show up later and… long story). So, I’m trying to find a romantic setting for them and I’m planning on have it set around the holidays. Any ideas?


Getting back in the writing mood. Have a ton of different projects I need to work on. Some for Wattpad and other writing in addition to being online here.

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Alone in a beach house?

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I have to update today but my chapter isn’t completed yet :persevere:


I gotta salute you. How do you handle so many? o.o I am writing one and already struggling so much

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I have no job and don’t go to school. It sucks, but thankfully have writing to keep me from going stir crazy. I don’t know how I’ll handle all the projects at once, but I’m going to try. :slight_smile:


Eh… I like the idea but I’m just not feeling it. I’m thinking it to be more Winter like since it’s around the holidays is all.

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Do the characters live in the city or in the country? In a castle or are they peasants? :slight_smile:

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Ugh I am trying so hard to edit the middle of this chapter and my brain just doesn’t want to deal with it…


It’s futuristic (Si-Fi), they’re wealthy, in a city, and they have a lot of really close friends that will likely be around too (some to probably take pics). And get your brain working.

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I’m here.

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Ah a lots of free time haha
Oh you can do it! ^•^

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I appreciate the confidence you have in me lol. Hopefully I can live up to expectations.

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our situation is relatable

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I also applied for A Rider’s Fate to be Featured or a Paid Story, but I sadly am not Wattpad’s Star child or a favorite. If anything, the opposite lol. So I think it’s a longshot at this point.

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