Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



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Number three! Keep the tags coming :slight_smile:


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The future is now.


Oh, oh, and @RiggSessamekesh gotta extend a personal welcome to you as well.

@DomiSotto Have you decided what you’re going to do for your figureskating story?


Thank you for helping with tags! Everyone who is dropping by, please tag!

Nope, I still have not a clue what I am doing with it. Just sorting through the order of events in Xi’s story for now. :frowning:


Thanks, Kel!
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Sigh … I wish I could stay home and write today instead of going to work.


No problem!

I was thinking about it and if you paired an ice-skater (boy or girl) with the most masculine person possible (again, boy or girl, feel free to do what you want with gender), that’d really draw people in. People are suckers for those types of stories. But that’s just a suggestion and a kinda random thought that crossed my mind.


Glad to see you and your tags :+1:t5:


Thanks for the tag.

900 words and counting today for TWR. Decent progress since I took a break from writing at all yesterday.


like a pair skater? I can potentially see that angle, I guess. Girl makes more sense in my head, because of the granddaughter-grandmother relationship that I am not sure would translate well in grandson-grandfather that is important for the plot… but then I think how pretty much every story on Wattpad is basically about The Girl


Oh, no, I meant for the romantic interest. Like I read this one fanfic where one character was a figureskater and the romantic interest was a hockey coach/former hockey player. I think I may have reread it a hundred times.


Oh, I see. I was like, maybe a nerdy Russian physist… but I can make him a big macho physist…


Sounds kinda like the Cutting Edge. Except the former hockey player/love interest ended up skating with her competitively.


YES! I love when scientist break out of the usual mold. People can assume he kills with muscles but then finds out he can kill with science too. Or he can just look really tough but be a complete pacifist. Anything where people assume wrongly can be fun.

But like, do whatever you like. Sorry, the heart of a fangirl over here.


I’ve never heard of it but that sounds interesting.


Huh, really? I thought it was a really popular movie lol.


Well, he is in the secret research facility, so for all I know he could be good at everything, like Nathan Chen.


I don’t watch movies much and when I do, they’re animated so yeah, I haven’t seen A LOT of popular movies.


Speaking of figure skating, 4CC should start pretty soon if not already. Hopefully local network will have the vids uploaded tonight.

Edit: and, yay, Yuri on ice is in the library. I will pick it up after I am done watching 4CC


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