Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Well, it reminds me this guys (if you don’t like the sport in sequins, don’t watch, lol)




I got this opportunity to have a this video I made off the cuff to be featured on the Insta profile of one of the companies my model was wearing the products of.

Aaaaaand of course Insta is down the day they’re going to post it.


Oof. That sounds about right actually XD


I’m so annoyed.


I bet I would be too.
Is it down for the day?


I guess so? Insta’s apparently been down since 4am today. I was so psyched to get it reposted because this company is pretty big on Instagram and it would be a huge opportunity for my photography to get recognised, especially considering they’ve invited me to make a proper promo video for their company.

Here it is (the quality isn’t as clear as the original, but I’m not surprised): https://www.dropbox.com/s/7itqw5g3z6l7rbt/believer%20video.mp4?dl=0

I originally had the song with the vocals, but Insta copyright struck it, so I did an instrumental. It’s nowhere near as clean as the vocals version, especially near the end, but it’s good enough for Tribe Equestrian to want to repost it on their profile, so I’ll take what I can get :joy:


I was able to get in Instagram but I don’t post stuff xD I just use it to follow youtubers and celebs lol


There’s a constant “couldn’t refresh” thing coming up on both my accounts.


That video is really cool though Ray, good job! <3


Thanks, fam! I’ve got a photoshoot I’m doing tonight that I’m psyched about. But right now, I can’t be psyched about it because I have a phone interview for a job in about two hours and I’m shitting myself.


Oof what’s the job for?


Administration trainee. And then I’ve got another job interview for the same thing on Friday morning.

I’m naturally a nervous and shy person, so my nerves are getting the best of me. Like, I’ve had sooooo many job interviews and I’m always still nervous. I’m worried I’m going to say the wrong thing or I won’t have the answer the interviewer is looking for.


Just take a deep breath and don’t overthink it. That’ll cause you to trip over your words.


Oh, I know. Like, my brain knows it, but my brain is like, “yep. Let’s fuck Laura up today” :sob:


I feel you there but my brain always wants to fuck me up sooo xD


My mum’s going to be with me during the phone call, so that’s nice. But I’m still worried ahaha! Ironically, I much prefer face to face job interviews.


Does anyone have any suggestions for a free writing program? Scrivener confuses me btw xD


I probably would too but I’ve never had a phone interview.


I hate Scrivener. It wasn’t the fact that it was confusing but I actually found it hard to keep it organised, which is the whole point of the program.