Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Neither have I. The extent of a phone interview I’ve had is “why do you want the job” , “what’s your salary expectations” , “why’d you apply” , “job history” and that’s it. This is going to be a 15 minute phone interview. That’s, like, a lot.


I mean, I could probably get used to it but like… idk xD

Same, same with the phone interview.


I’ve been stuck in my ways of organising my writing for more than a decade, so it’s hard to get out of it.

It’s happening in under and hour and I’m so scared ahahaha!


Deep breathes. In out, in out. You’ve got this!


Sounds sexist, but I hope it’s a woman interviewing me ahahaha!


Nah it’s normal I think… XD


Nice job! Also, I love that song :grin:


Thanks mate :kissing_heart:


Also, preferring f2f interviews totally makes sense. I hate talking on the phone so much. It doesn’t help that my dad always teases me about how awkward I sound once the call is over. I usually make a point of not making calls when I know he can hear me because of that. Good luck though!


Yeah, I don’t really like talking on the phone. If I can skert by with texting, that’s what I do. It’s not so much the phone call it’s more that I don’t feel like I’m prepared. I mean, I am prepared. I’ve got questions and answers and reasons for wanting the job; it’s all written down. But I still feel like I’m unprepared.


The more I read about news the more I worried about Europe’s future…even though I’m halfway across the world.


Oof same tbh. ;-; It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous.


The recent vote several hours ago was wayyy too close than it should have been. It’s almost like the british parliament is actively trolling the world at this point :confused:


:joy: I’d rather text than call too. But talking f2f is my preferred way to talk to somebody. And it sounds like you’ve just got a case of nerves. Just relax, because


I wanna know how they expect to do anything without the internet. Like, that’s what they are voting against, right?


Oh boy that ain’t the worst of it. In comparison to the whole Brexit mess, Article 13 almost seem like a sideshow.


Yeah, I’m really, really nervous.


ummm i don’t watch the outside world as much as i should what’s britain’s problem now? >.>;




I mean, Article 13 is going to completely change the internet, so that’s pretty shitty.