Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



wat again? why?


Well, I’m back after the day of taking an exam in a class that I’m struggling with. So hi. Also, quick question. I’m planning on resolving a small romance issue with two of my characters with them talking and all but then I’m thinking about maybe making it into a um… smut scene. Does that seem like a good idea or should I just not?


Brexit is happening soon, on march 27. However, they don’t have a deal ready. In other words, they’ll hit the ground and basically crash and burn once that day hits without a proper deal. In simpler terms, it’s like having two years to prepare for a math test but you didn’t do shit and it’s tomorrow.


what do you mean again? It’s been going for ages now. They’re expected to leave the EU in April, I think? I don’t really remember.


Oh shit that early?




Yeah, that’s why it’s a shitshow. They’ll probably beg EU for an extension, but that ain’t happening since EU don’t want other countries to threaten to leave to get a better deal.


I don’t watch a lot of news but I see like side things and that’s just awful.


I kinda think the EU is tired of Britain’s shit. My dad’s joking that the British want the old empire back, which is why they’re leaving :joy:


Hi need a lot of help sadly xD anyway the name is Melody and I am doing a MAJOR book editing to get better in writing and to get more readers. At the moment I am working on a book called The Lake Merman. I need more ideas to get unstuck and to get better in general.


Tfw Queen Elizabeth storming the british parliament and assuming direct control might seem like a better idea now


Liz is sitting in Buckingham Palace just chillin because she ain’t worried. She’s set for life.


Pretty rough, watching the British self implode like that. They went from tea monopoly Empire where the sun never sets into this in a span of a century or two.


Well, what specific problems are you encountering?


not much idea flow


Well, leaving the EU is going to do plenty of damage in itself. The economy could be destroyed. But I’ve heard that they could be okay as well.


That’s pretty vague, and we won’t be able to help much with that. Some specific examples of issues regarding the idea flow?


They could, but they need to get some sort of deal going. Their economy and travelling policy is pretty integrated into the EU, so if they just leave like that, the entire country is going to go up in flames overnight.


its one of my old stories I gave up on until now I can show what i have so far.