Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Just briefly describe the plot and at which point you are stuck at


Well, I’m off to do this phone interview thing.

Wish me luck that I don’t screw it up…


My debut book was heavily pirated all over eastern Europe. Nothing you can do about that, really.


RIght now Toshiki found a Merman in a local japanese lake all alone. Makito tells him he has been banished to the lake by his people.


So I just joined wattpad yesterday. I have part of my first story posted so far. I have so many story ideas that I can’t wait to share with people and hopefully my content will become more and more enjoyably easy to read as i progress. That is my question exactly though. I, like everyone, want to be able to share my stories with people for their enjoyment, but how do I do so on here?


work hard outside of Wattpad like i do a lot of


i survived XD


Ooo! How do you think it went?


I’m getting a face to face interview in about a week’s time.


So well, I think XD


Yay congratulations! That’s wonderful! Good for you Ray!


YAY! That’s good!


I hope I get the job. I literally need money ahaha!






Hi everyone, I’m back from exam hell, I mean the dead. Same thing really. How’s everyone?


Fingers crossed!


What is the job entirely, if you don’t mind me asking?


It’s just office work, I gather.


Well that’s better than fast food or retail imo XD