Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



It’s so much better than my current waitress job. That job is so casual I’m not even kidding. Like, the last time I worked was Thursday last week. Before that, it was September 2018.


I’m so tired of not having a proper job and an income. I need money to pay for my four-legged nag :joy:


Oof that’s not good you need a steady schedule.


I need money ahaha!


Truth there. At least until you get your business off the ground, which you seem to be getting good business.


Not as much business as I would like, but I get more work doing that then my actual job ahaha!


Are you just starting out?


What do you mean?


I mean how long have you been doing your business? You seem to be getting more popular!


I wrote 200 words last night! Hoping to update Mist some time next week.

In this chapter I’m focusing on the “magic” system and worldbuilding. And lol, just at the very start there is an inconsistency.

Previous chapter: shed’s door was kicked down.
This chapter: a character closed the shed’s door.


Ooooh! Since September last year.


See you’ll have an audience in no time!


This video getting reposted on a big profile like I was saying before will help sooooo much!


So true! Maybe I should get your autograph! XD


When Unsteady gets published, for sure :joy:


Ooo you plan on publishing it?


I mean, I hope? :joy::joy::joy:


What route were you going for it?


Like traditional or self published?