Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I would love to go trad-pub, but I dunno that I’d get picked up with the content.


You might. It seems to be to be picking up in the industry.


@InGeenious here ya go :wink:


Hey guys, it’s been a while. It’s me. NoobGee. I changed username again. Hehe

I forgot my other username but it’s me Gee. I hope you remember me.


It was GeeGeeIsNoOne. Don’t ask how I remember, weird stuff sticks in my memory and then everything else vanishes into thin air :joy:


GEE! <3


Oh, I remember!


How many scenes can I have up into a chapter?


Ehh, who cares. Just as long as you’re not jumping around a lot.


I have a tentative name for one of my new OCs: Everett. Part of my problem with creating my new characters is that I don’t have any names but the turtles’ to refer to them. So instead of an original character, all I’m seeing in my head is a slightly modified version of one of the turtles. Now that I have a name, I think I will be able to really get the ball rolling.

Edit: Yay, another name! Ayden will be Everett’s twin brother. Two down, two to go. Thank you, Pinterest and 4:30 am brain, for being helpful for once!


Go to babynamegenie.com or are you looking for names for meanings?


I’m just coming up with random ones, and I happened to see Ayden on something on Pinterest a minute ago. There is literally no method to my character naming madness :joy:. I might go name surfing at some point though.


It doesn’t like that I keep hitting the “wish again” button over and over :joy:. Also it yelled at me for rejecting Dillon.


Yeah the genie is sassy with her names XD


I love the name Everett!


Did the flood of Aidan, Kaidan, Hayden etc calmed down? It was all the rage around the time my kid was born.


I’m flattered that you found my first username weird. <3


You’re here too???




Is it safe to admit that I’ve always hated those names? Hayden in particular. (No offense to anyone with those names)