Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I did not particularly hate them, but they felt… emo, I guess? Or too edgy and a bit pretentious particularly when they occured in a quantity and in a package? I dunno. I am collecting names like Ferrante and Bersen’, so who I am to judge.


…anyways… I am done editing/posting the chapter next of the War Mage 16, off to the gym, then gonna either game or try to finish that bloody epilogue, that’s draining the life out of me. I see freedom from writing right there, in front of me, so tempting…

But another part of me wants to get back on the Critters and strat reworking the Elephants and Men through them, and someone super-nice offered to beta read Stellar Cruises for me once I re-write it. That would be sooo cool, but freedom…

Not sure what to do yet. Maybe gaming is the answer.


I’m sorta the pretentious one. I just didn’t like how they sounded. My names are usually based of 1. Name meaning, 2. Country of origin, and 3. How they sound. If they don’t sound nice, 1 and 2 are canceled out and it goes in the Nope drawer.




I just mash keys on my keyboard and I just keep the best sounding ones.


I actually rejected it at first, but it was the only name I kept coming back to for him so I realized it must be his.


9 times out of 10 they just randomly pop into my head. Names are usually the easy part for me, it’s actually getting to the writing that seems like an impossible task for me most days.



i’ve been trollolololed to oblivion by this chapter for the last week and a half and i’m at my wit’s end. what are you stuck on?


Yeah, writing has been a pain since I’m drowning in an unending amount of school work and I always am failing and falling apart. I can’t even pull myself together to do anything because of how badly everything has been going.


I’m trying to write a fluff chapter, purely to progress the romantic part of the story cause the next chapter after that, the MC and male lead won’t see each other for a while. Should be easy.

Should be.

Should be easy.

How is this not easy?


Sorry to hear things have been going so badly. Family troubles?


Mostly school. I’ve just been hitting that part of the semester where everything is just one thing after another and no mater how hard I try I just seem to screw something up. Then I have my parents and other family members just pressuring me endlessly to be absolutely perfect no matter how hard things go (basically they expect perfect As and only a few Bs, anything else is just unacceptable to them). Plus my professors are absolutely crap and can’t help worth a damn (except for one but I’m not having trouble with that one). So yeah, and all that just has gotten me into a mood where I can’t even bring myself to write or do anything really. So yeah, life sucks so much right now.
Also, about your fluff chapter, it’s not going to be easy unless you read/write romance regularly. I’m doing something like that as well and I can’t get it to work for me either really.


So, supposedly I want to start a guidebook to Gungrave fandom (let’s face it, many people watch the anime the WRONG way and drop it for the WRONG reason, such as 1st episode and “poor man’s Hellsing” reason pops up), in which category should it belong to? Random? Nonfiction? Fanfic?

I’m thinking of starting this guide because the loneliness in Gungrave fandom is getting unbearable. :sob: Wish it has an active underground fanbase like Monster Rancher does.


I’m not stuck right now, I just have other stuff I’m dealing with that has to take priority over writing.


I would put it into the fanfic section I guess (not really sure tbh but it makes the most sense) since it does talk about the show but it is your own work.


I feel this with every fiber of my being. This and watching my siblings is killing my free time.


There’s nothing you can really do about everyone else sucking but you can make sure you’re not too hard on yourself. You’re trying your best. If things aren’t working out, it’s not your fault, life indeed sucks. Maybe you can find a slither of time to do something that makes you happy.

And yeah, fluff is surprisingly hard when you’re not used to it.


My recent workplace isn’t any better. :cry: The illnesses tend to be really complicated.


@RocketManEarth are you going to take a break from classes this summer? A reset might do you some good.


@RiggSessamekesh Yeah, I’m supposed to be taking a ‘light’ course schedule too. So yeah, people tend to put an unending amount of stress on me. And I can’t take a break, I have to do a co-op, which I have to apply and search for. Which is basically the same thing as looking for an actual job/internship with even more steps. Plus the office at school that is supposed to help hasn’t been helping at all and right now my hands are tied with no way of getting help at all. It’s just a never ending thing for me.

@KelKaiser I wish I could, but I simply don’t have the time to do anything for myself really. Plus if I don’t do exactly everything perfect then my parents get rather upset with me, like they’ve done constantly over the years even for the small things, and all of that conditioned into me from an early age has left me with an unending sense of self hatred whenever I so much as get even a D on anything. So I can’t be easy on myself and I can’t do anything for it really because nobody that’s actually close to me really cares about if I did my best. But, enough ranting for now I guess. And yeah, fluff is hard to write, which is also hard since I kinda decided to make my fluff chapter take place in a hotel room late at night… if you get what I mean.