Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



That’s really unfair for them to do to you. I mean, I get wanting the best for your kid, but forcing near-perfection onto somebody is ridiculous because people aren’t perfect. If your parents expect you to do so well, they obviously believe that you are intelligent and hard-working enough to do it, but I hope they lay off a bit. They might not even realize how much pressure they’re putting on you though, so it might help to talk to them about it. And I hope you can get things squared away with the co-op soon so you don’t have that breathing down your neck for the rest of the semester.

Also my fluff attempts always feel super-duper awkward and cringey to me when I reread but idk if it’s in my head or if I legitimately suck at writing it. And I’m not too keen on sharing just in case it really is that bad :sweat_smile:


My parents and others expect me to be perfect, and they don’t think I’m intelligent and hard-working though. They treat me like a little kid whenever I’m not at school and when I am at school they expect me to be this old grand wizard of limitless knowledge or something like that. And whenever I try to talk to them about it they always talk down to me and make it to be my fault every single time. They even go on to defend people who have treated me like crap and frankly have abused me (i.e. my sister mostly). And I finally got a reply with the Co-Op office but they were less than helpful still, since they all of a sudden mention one website that they expected me to be using but never told me about. Which is absolutely crap. I’m just so frustrated with so much right now and I don’t even have any kind of brake to look forward to since I just got off of spring break even though it wasn’t spring and all I did was study and worry about other co-op stuff (once again being put on me by my parents).

Yeah, my fluff stuff is really bad too. It’s just so bad.


That is crap. Total, 100% crap. It’s not okay to condone mistreating somebody. And double standards like that are some of the most irritating, infuriating things to deal with from other people, especially from people who are close to you.


Hugs. Sorry to hear that.


Fanfiction, I think, or, if you are hitting more of an essay style, yeah, random.


You can try to start with a dialogue only on a specific topic. First, give them a good backdrop. Then give them a topic to revolve the interaction around, and use the bits of the backdrop to highlight it or trigger various parts of it.

Like they are climbing ruins. Their attention goes there and back between something about that climb or the ruins and the one emotion. (Her cheeks redden, and they tease one another about blushing or whatever; stumbling or finding a modern bead, but pretending it is an ancient one, etc)

Then write tons and tons of dialogue lines, cut away the lamer ones. Find the most striking one, end on it, and bring everything else into steps to get there. Staying to the same topic and progressing it to the kicker focuses the fluff.


They’re actually in Japan for a business conference (ain’t that romantic?) so I may or may not have shot myself in the foot there. I dunno, maybe there could be a romantic spot in the hotel? Neither of them like drinking much so the bar is 100% out.

I like the dialogue thing tho. I have to make sure I do that.


If they are on a conference, they are likely in a fancy hotel with art or a small garden. Also, depends on a city in Japan, it sure does not lack in romantic places/vistas. There are those famous downpours in Tokyo… Or, maybe the Western misconceptions can form the core of the conversation… you never know.


Sorry for suddenly going afk. Had another class to suffer through.

@RiggSessamekesh Yeah, but the thing is is that they’re my parents. I kinda have to like them even though they’ve made just about every moment of my life miserable. Honestly, I just have to fake being happy with them though. I can’t really talk to anyone else about it, and the only person that could help (the shrinks here at the Medical Center on campus) really don’t care either. They just want me to be chronically happy just like my parents… Frankly, at this point, I just need to snap at some point just go off on them about how they’ve made everything horrible. I just can’t though. I’m just stuck talking to a brick wall, myself, and everyone on here but I can hear everyone else yelling at me.

@DomiSotto Thanks, I’m trying to get better but, as implied by my string of messages with @RiggSessamekesh things are a bit more complicated and a bit more difficult than just doing whatever.


I’m everywhere! XD


I can relate to a lot of what you’re talking about. It sucks.


Sorry to hear. Honestly, if I could help I would. But I don’t know how much I can help though.


I wish I could help you. Tbh knowing that it’s not just me helps a bit.


Yeah, I get it. It’s rough at times but at least you’re not the only person like that out there. Anyways, what’s up?


Just doing some reading for psych. If I can get through this chapter today, I can take the test a day early and get one thing off my plate.

Also I came up with names for two of my characters and I’m very excited about that. Probably a bit more excited than is normal, but I never claimed to be normal :woman_shrugging:t3::joy:

What’re you up to?


Nice, I only have a basic intro to psych class under my belt and that was years ago, but I remember it being difficult. But getting a test done a day early is always good. And naming characters always is a plus, no need to feel weird about that. I’m just chilling tonight (since I only have one class tomorrow and due to all my excessive exams and quizzes this week I don’t have a lot of homework to suffer through). I might just game and write tonight, maybe draw some stuff. I’m going to do the drawings in the same way I did Theon’s but I don’t know which character to do yet.


Untrue. Toxic people are toxic people. Easier said than done to cut them out of your life if that’s what ends up being necessary, but ‘family’ doesn’t mean ‘accepting abuse.’ Ever.


Do Ziellian. Pleeeeeease.

And this is just intro to psych. I’m actually enjoying it for the most part because it’s very interesting. My issue is less that its difficult for me and more that it just takes so. freaking. long. to get through the textbook. I’m seriously considering minoring in psychology though.


Do it. Fascinating subject. And get that book!


It is a cool subject :slight_smile: