Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I will eventually. I haven’t forgotten, either. I have a sticky note of it on my wall right above my laptop lol


I’ve finished chapter one with Letters from an Angel.


@seeMISARCHIST I know, I know. It’s just that I can’t really do that because of a number of reasons. Plus, I hate to say it, but they do sometimes care about me though.

@RiggSessamekesh Well, the problem with doing Zeillian, who you can just call Zill, is that the original concept sketch just looks weird for him (it’s the one I based Theon’s off of) so I’ll have to go in and redesign that which should be fun. Well that’s good on the psych part though, I will admit the class was fun, the only issue was that the books did take forever and the tests were horrible at times.


For me, the worst part of getting a good length into the story is needing to remember minor details cause having someone fact check me with my own story sucks. Now I have to go back and see if I said what day my MC’s birthday is on because it’s suddenly become relevant to the story.


That’s why I create family trees for all of the stories I make. It helps me create characters, so when I create a story, the first thing I know about my characters is their birthdays.


I know how you feel. I was digging for the description of butterfly swords the other day… then changing them in both places they are mentioned. It helps when chapters are shorter, I find, because I sort of remember which chapter what was going on.


New chapter is up. Why can I crank out 2000 words on my sappy romance in 90 minutes, but my fantasy books take 5 hours for the same number of words? :thinking:


Ugh, the tests are ridiculous. There’s two tests and a quiz at the end of every unit (so once a week, every week). The first test covers only stuff in the book, but the quiz and second test have questions about stuff that isn’t in the book. So I have to use a very vague study guide my professor gives out and some sites he suggests to study for those, except there are sometimes questions on the tests about things that aren’t mentioned in the SG or on the sites. And for the tests over the book, he said that some of the questions might be worded badly or confusingly bc they’re from the publisher. He KNOWS IT, but he still uses those tests. Like, what the actual heck?


Maybe fantasy requires more brain work?


Wait I need a brain?! God. I’m doomed.




Gah! I can’t think of an inspiring chapter opener to introduce the second narrator of the story. Could I get some help with this?


What’s the genre? 1st or 3rd person?


When in doubt, always start with Who Did What Where structure. It is strong, simple, and builds a clear mini scene to kick a chapter off.


Sounds like a horrible professor. Good luck. At least at the end of it you can review him and tell him what he did wrong right?


Nah, I probably won’t. It’s an online class, so I never have to actually meet the guy, but I’ve heard that he’s notoriously awful, especially in face to face classes. I almost dropped the class when I found out. I probably would have if it was a f2f class.


Urgh, yeah, that’s a bit different then. So good luck. Maybe use the help of Google to help with the SGs and to help study?


Yeah. I already have had to for past units.


Yeah, sounds rough. Good luck on all of that. Anyways, I’m probably going to do some writing tonight. I already did a few of the sketches for Zeillian and honestly… Could be worse, could be better.


Thanks. You too. Though what you’re doing sounds like way more fun.

Well, I’m gonna go kick my rear into hyperdrive now so I can actually do something fun tonight. I’m probably gonna be up until like 4 or 5 am again though bc my whole family’s sleep schedule is screwed up again from all the little kids being sick. So much fun.