Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Good luck, I have some stuff planned for tomorrow so I can’t be up that late. Oh well. And stay safe from the sickness.


hey y’all i hope i didn’t miss the conversation flow


okay i’m actually to braindead to game, so probably a good time to try writing. gonna shower and then settle in here till i pass the fuck out. who else is writing?


i’m chilling on my bed with my friend not writing


HA. You’re funny.


TGI Fridays is an American thing, right?


i don’t know what that is but it might be


It’s a burger joint, I think.


I’ve been listening to videos that are required for this week’s class. Eye opening stuff.


Yo, it’s like a burger-type restaurant. Very American. Idk how good though bc I haven’t eaten there in years.


I know I am, but I wasn’t joking there. Wash your hands, keep your mouth and nose covered as much as possible, and (even though I know this one probably is impossible) stay away from the sick ones as much as you can.


Got more ideas for my original and I am 500 words in chapter 9 already today.
Writing is good today XD


Good to hear! I’m redoing my entire story right now and making it more epic.


Lol. I’m not too concerned about it tbh bc it’s just a cold. A few days being sick with a cold is nothing compared to some of the crap that’s gone through our house. Plus I’ve already had one of them sneeze or cough in my face (not sure which but it was kinda gross) and the baby was drinking out of my water earlier. And I’ve literally been wiping runny noses all day. If I’m gonna get it, it’s already in my system.


Ooo. Sounds intriguing. ;o


Oh dear. Well, try and take medicine now to catch it early and drink lots of hot tea. Kick the cold to the curb.


There’s a TGI Fridays that just got built at my local mall and I’m eating there in a few minutes. I’m a little bit excited :joy:


…Remind me to never had kids. Since it’s just a cold just remember to stay under a blanket, take medicine, and drink plenty of non-infected fluids.

@florianraven It’s good actually. I used to go to the one near me until it closed down a while ago.


My love for burgers is like breathing :joy:


I might try the tea, and I’ll take something if I get a fever but that’s probably about it.

@florianraven Nice. I hope you like it.

@RocketManEarth Lol can do.

Okay, now I’m really going. I’ll probably be back at some point tonight though. Later, y’all!