Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Later! And feel better.


Then you’ll love the place.

@RiggSessamekesh Just trying to help you out here.


The restaurant is so rustic, the photographer in me is crying with joy


Yeah, there’s a lot of memorabilia stuff for what I remember. It’s been years since I’ve been to one so I don’t remember everything but that was one of the big things I remember.


I do appreciate it :blush:. The lol was directed more at the “remind me not to have kids” part. Although I do find it mildly amusing that you guys appear to be more concerned about me getting a cold than I am. But I already know I’m gonna be calling myself an idiot within the next few days for laughing right now.

/still laughs anyways


Something actually writing-related, do any of you use Pinterest to create boards for characters? And if you do, what kind of stuff do you put on the boards?


I don’t use those at all since my ‘characters’ are real Beings I’m connected to spiritually as are all the creatures spoken of in my novels, but I do use Pintrest frequently. It would be a neat way to help create a unique character.


Pinterest is one of my greatest time-devourers, haha. Unfortunately, I’m creating four guys totally from scratch since I’m recreating my fanfic as an original. The whole process is kind of a pain right now, but I really think I’m gonna love the story even more once all of the characters are mine.


Yeah, don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t mind having kids some day, just not right now or any time close really. And don’t laugh, it’ll hurt your throat. And while I don’t use Pinterest I do make my own character sheets and use those for the characters. Here’s Theon’s that I have:

Name: Theon Appelson Murton

Codename: Ashes

Age: 27

Date of Birth: 03/25/4000

Species: Red fox

Color: Burnt red with white. Black highlights on hands, feet, nose, and ears. Yellow eyes.

Division: Gene Force

Number: 011

Hometown: Alexja City, United Republic

Gender: Male

Height: 7’ 8”

Weight: 296 lbs

Primary: M16A4, MP5, M4A1.

Secondary: M45, M9A1.

Utility: Flashbang Grenades, Smoke Grenades.

Mele: Bowie Knife.

Armor: Heavy

Powers: Theon’s body can convert energy into a chemical compound that he secretes through the pours in his skin. This chemical compound can react on his whim and cause a large explosion, getting through any known material.

History: Theon was born to a wealthy family and raised to be the successor to the empire of monopolies that his family had built. His life had been determined for him since the day he was born, unable to chose his own life. Theon longed for a sense of adventure and to be free from the control of his parents. His parents died shortly after his tenth birthday. With the help of a few close friends Theon was able to keep control of all of the businesses. He broke off the arranged marriage between him at the age of sixteen and a Sinderlo woman at the age of forty-five. He went to college and got his masters in business, graduating early. He trained in forging as well and learned how to fight with knives and weapons. After the Helix Infusion he knew what had to be done and searched for anyone with Helix in them to aid his quest, and taking the alias of Ashes.

Side notes: Theon has a dominating and controlling personality, however if control is taken from him he tries to take whatever control that he can even in the face of death. He also has an unsettling addiction to fast food.


Is Theon pretty average height- and weight-wise for Anthros?


Well, I ate there.


And? How was it?


I had just a normal bacon cheeseburger.

And it tasted like Maccas. Better than Maccas, but the first bite I had, that’s the first thing I thought of.


Yeah, for now. I need to go back and fix a few of their heights tbh. Weight wise, since he’s basically now covered in muscle mass, he’s about normal weight.


What is Maccas? Also yummmm bacon burgers :drooling_face:


Ah. So Anthros are generally larger than most humans.




Well yeah, keep in mind that they’re also about 2000 years ahead of us. So evolution is pretty much ahead of us too.


Oh. I wondered. I’m not the biggest fan of McD’s tbh. Or most fast food in general. Everything has a funky aftertaste to me.


Maccas gives me indigestion aaha!