Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Oof that’s even worse.


In my bout of loneliness-induced insanity, I searched the community for Gungrave fans by posting several Gungrave-related stuff in a few threads and creating Gungrave-related threads in a quick succsssion. The result?

Nothing. :cry:


Ouch that’s rough. :frowning:


Huh. I woke up this morning and got onto my wattpad account to find that my first book had reached 1k reads. That may partially be due to me editing the crap out of it, (I really wish Wattpad didn’t count every time I publish a part as a read…) but I’m still surprised.


Romance. 1st person.


Ooo congrats! <3


Yeah, but that’s your first marker that gets your book pushed around a little more by the algorithm, so grats on getting to it!

I am actually having a good day on WP - Crimson got added to the Fantasy list, I got a few comments, life’s smiling at me.

Still no progress on the Epilogue though, but I want to edit for a bit today to keep posting chapters for the War Mage 16.


@melodiccnightowl Heh, thanks. It’s been on this website since last July, so I’m glad it’s getting some attention.

@DomiSotto Crimson Qi certainly deserves that honor. While I’m still reading the first chapter, (After your author’s note) your style is very smooth and natural. I hope to gain some pointers on how to better describe a world by reading your book.


Aww, thank you! I hope you like the book. There was lots of folks here helping me to smooth the rough corners, and fix stuff with it.


I certainly need that help for my book…My primary problem is show more, tell less. I have a fond love of dialogue, so that’s how my story’s been driven. However, the descriptions of the world around my characters is a bit lacking.


I have the same problem.


Good afternoon, gaiz! How is everyone today?


Yeah, I’m getting that problem too with the later chapters. Especially right now.

@seeMISARCHIST LIFE SUCKS! DEATH METAL FOREVER! ARRRRRRHRHHHHHGHHG! JK of course. I’m just tired and I only have one class today. I’m working on the last character sheets for the sequel of my current project (I’m not diving into the sequel any time soon after finishing it though). I just have to do some minor work on these two and then I have to two characters from Australia to deal with. I have one already figure out for the most part but the other I’m still having problems with her power is all. Otherwise, I’m good. How are you?


i heard about the carve the mark contreversey with veronica roth and then the real details of her book and it didn’t seem at all that bad to me, so then i started thinking about my own stories and how they could be problematic and now i’m sad. bc they seem much worse


what’s this now?

@RocketManEarth What kind of problems with the character’s power?


Sweet, I resurrected the thread lol. I’m good, but tired. I should probably drink some coffee. How are you?


I don’t know which power to give her. I literally have nothing. That’s the problem. I know that they have to be used to aid her or her team for what they do (since they’re a paramilitary police force they handle hostage situations, arrests, basically entering a place and taking down anything they need to). But I feel like I’ve covered a lot other options pretty well with everyone else. So IDK what I can do with that one.


so she’s the divergent author and she wrote this new scifi-fantasy novel that people started saying was racist (before the release) because there were two societies (one was gentler, one was more aggressive). People said that the light skinned one was gentler (but apparently the text never said that, idk i didn’t read it), and the languages of the more aggressive one sounded harsh like arabic (i think it was actually based on romanian or smth).

There were also elements of ablism (she put in like a fantasy version of chronic pain and apparently there was a theme of getting stronger bc of it) and something else that I’ve forgotten.


Sounds like a case of people reading too much into a story…I don’t even notice stuff like that when I read. How on earth can you enjoy a story while analyzing it like you’re writing a paper on it?


So people got offended by a fake story and setting because they drew parallels to IRL stuff instead of enjoying a story? Yeah, go figures. If the author actually straight up says that the correlations are specifically to a specific race/group of people then I understand the outrage. But I’m sure that the author didn’t do that so people are just being offended by everything.