Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



Alas, it’s not meant to be until I move out which is

looks at watch

never :joy:


So, I don’t know how to write my middle. I have an idea of the main plot of the middle, but need the bulk.



I’ll make you food whenever you want


You sure know a way to a girl’s heart, mon frere


I try :heart:


One good way to keep your middle from sagging is to have a shift from Reactive to Proactive on part of the main characters. Generally the first half of many stories can be considered the ‘information gathering’ stage, where the protagonists don’t really understand what’s going on and are almost helpless against the movements of the antagonists, only reacting to the antagonists’ goals and trying to discover and/or understand what those goals are. Your Midpoint can be considered the point in your story where something drastically changes, an eye-opening moment for your protagonists that finally give them the knowledge and/or skills they need to start fighting back against your antagonists.

Do you have an idea about what your Midpoint may be?


I just checked the fridge and there’s no chicken stuffing in there.

i’m mad.




i’m eating a magnum instead, but i wanted something with meat :sob:


I’m getting chicken wings and fries. I really want a stew but I have to work in two hours and I don’t have everything for it :sob::sob:


i cri i wunt wuuuungs!


and the froooes


I wish I could share!


Same. I’m eating ice cream instead, but that’s not sustainable.


I also have an emergency box of Thin Mints I’ve been eyeing for quite some time


What are those?

HA! memes :joy:



Girl Scout cookies don’t know if you guys have those in Australia. It’s a chocolate mint cookie that is made by little angels and sprinkled with the love of Gods


I mean, we have girl scouts. I was one for, like, a month. I think they sell cookies? I dunno. I don’t think they do the doors salesman tactic because I’ve never opened my door to find them.

Skip the mint and I’m cool with that.


I was the best seller in my troop. I sold to my dad’s friends, my teachers, neighbors, my friends. My dad even bought cases for himself :joy::joy:

The mint is my favorite part but it’s not for everyone


The only thing I can remember about scouts is this treasure hunt we did where we all got a bag of chocolate coins and they tasted amazing.

I didn’t even get any badges. I wasn’t in it long enough ahaha!