Writers Struggle Hangout Three: Rant, Ask, Encourage, Vent etc



I don’t think I have an antagonist. So afr my MC has been caught in a failed attempt to kill the king since he decided to stop someone from dying. He has to take place in the tournament. So part of it is training him how to fight but I’m not sure about other stuff.


I did girl guides, would have done better in scouts. Not a girly girl.




Little did i know that at the time it would be the beginning of my impending trend of hardly ever seeing things through to the end because effort :joy:


Someone trying to kill the king sounds like potential for your antagonist. Also, I highly recommend discovering your antagonist(s), because that’s who or what motivates your story.


I kept up with it until I was thirteen and then I got into sports, student council, choir, stuff like that


Oh, sports I did a lot.


Ooh, which ones?


Well, I actually only played softball ahaha! Horse riding is a sport, so I do that now.


He was actually sent to kill the king.


I wanted to horse ride but I’m also wary around horses after I got sneezed on by two horses when I was three


That’s it? I get sneezed on daily :joy:


I used to ride but I’m kinda scared of horses.


I’m sure I’ll get over it if I see one now. Now I’m just too busy :joy::joy:


They’re only scary when they bolt, buck, and some other stuff in between.


My boy is the sweetest. You’d wanna take him home :joy:


When you say it like that :joy::joy:



He’s beautiful!


Yeah, he’s gentleman